The Women of Wrestling

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The Women of Wrestling

***I know this is a bit late but last month was Women’s History Month. In honor of that month, I wish to take a look into the Women of Wrestling.***

They were once just mere objects brought to ringside in an attempt to make a wrestler appear more masculine and to have more sex appeal. Soon the valet, as she was called, began to take on more vital roles in a match. The women became influential, often causing a match to be won or lost.

The best place to start in this look back would be to begin with the First Lady of Wrestling, Miss Elizabeth. She began as the valet for Hulk Hogan, her husband at the time, and as a valet/manager she became involved in some of his matches. When Hogan teamed with Randy “Macho Man” Savage that was when Elizabeth became most influential. As her marriage to Hogan declined, Elizabeth fell in love with Savage. Soon the MegaPowers were fighting over Liz’s affection. This was the start of one of the biggest rivalries in the industry of professional wrestling that still exists to this day. Over the years, Miss Elizabeth has become more and more physically involved in the matches of Hogan and Savage, even turning her back on Savage on more than one occassion.

Now we must turn to the Lady of the Moment in WWF, the veluptuous Sable. She first appeared as a valet to Hunter Hearst Helmsley when he battled the Ultimate Warrior. Helmsley lost the match and quickly blamed the beauty for his defeat. As the argument escalated backstage, Marc Mero, a new superstar to the WWF, came to Sable’s aid; thus he began a long time feud with the Blue Blood. Over the months when Mero was injured, Sable began to creep into the limelight of the WWF. Soon she had more fans then some of the wrestlers. Upon Mero’s return, he insisted on putting Sable back into the shadows, a place where she would not return. This began the troubles with the two which led to the physical action between the two. Sable wanted her freedom, a freedom for which she was prepared to fight. On a number of occassions Sable cost Marc a match and at times resorted to low blows against the man she once helped in the ring. Sable was ready to be on her own. The WWF formed a Women’s division, and Sable quickly became the champ. To many it would seem the honor has gome straight to her head. Sable is no longer the women that men lusted after and womwn admired. She has become an ego-maniac much like her former boss, Marc Mero.

Debra McMichael is also a woman looking for an edge. She began in WCW at the side of her husband Steve McMichael, former Chicago Bear linebacker, and the Four Horsemen. Soon that wasn’t enough for the blonde; she wanted power. Soon she aligned herself with Jeff Jarrett against her husband causing a rivalry between the two. This led to Jarrett’s US Title reign with an assist from Debra. With Jarrett’s arrival in the WWF, it was only natural for Debra to soon follow. On more than one occassion, Debra has helped Jarrett to victory with her cunning feminine wiles, distracting Jarrett’s opponent for the sneak attack.

Another woman known in the wrestling world for her cunning techniques is Sunny. Early in her WWF career she had been known to use her body to her team. She has flashed men on occassion to distract them so her team can get the win. She even pretended to be in love with Finius Godwinn in order to allow the Smoking Gunns to lay hold of the Tag Team Championship.

By far the most physical women in wrestling would have to be Chyna and Jacqueline. Both of the women have wrestling backgrounds and are not afraid to mix it up with the men. Chyna hs gome so far as to be involved in the Royal Rumble and numerous mixed tag matches as well as taking on Mark Henry. She is not afraid to get in that ring and deliver the low blow that assists her man to victory. Jacqueline has the same tenacity. In both the WCW and the WWF, she has been involved in mixed matches. One of those such matches was against Disco Inferno where if it had been a TV Title match, she would have become the TV champ.

The women in the sport of professional wrestling have grown to be as important to the sport as the wrestlers themselves. They become physically involved in the match and at times have matches of their own against male competitors. They are an important ingredient in the mix that makes professional wrestling what it is today. Without them, some of the greatest rivalries in the sport would be absent. They are truly a part of wrestling history.

***NOTE: There are of course more women than those mentioned above. Kimberly, Sensational Sherrie, Marlena/Terri Runnels, and Luna Vachon have all been important to the sport over the years. Of course there is also GLOW, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling back in the 1980s.***


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