Booker Interview

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Booker Interview

Tell me about how life with Kidman has been? Are you confident you two can win matches together?

Booker: Well, I’m sure of my part and what I am going to do when I go out to the ring. My main concern is Kidman. He’s running around with this blond haired blue eyed hoochie and right now, his nose is wide open. Hopefully, we’ll get on track tonight (ed.- vs. Harlem Heat 2000, which they won) because I’m looking into going into bigger and better things after this match.

What would those bigger and better things be?

B: The bigger and better things in Booker’s future right now are the U.S. Title, then soon after, the World Title.

Were you disappointed that you couldn’t pull out the victory against Jarrett in that U.S. Title match?

B: I was pretty upset with it, but when three guys beat you, when it takes that many guys to put you down, it’s really a victory in some sense of the word. I do know, and Jeff Jarrett knows, that once we get into a one on one setting, Booker will be the United States Champion.

Are you happy with WCW management right now?

B: WCW right now is topsy-turvy. A lot of dissention in the ranks. But Booker is going to keep doing his thing and my thing is going out to the middle of the ring, performing at the highest level possible, and getting the people to come out and keep raising the roof. So whatever happens with management is going to happen, I’m not too worried about it.

Don’t you think it’s time that Booker got a Heavyweight Title reign?

B: You know, after 8 years, WCW has yet to give Booker a Heavyweight Title shot, so it’s long overdue for Booker to carry the gold around his waist. I don’t know if they’re thinking ‘can he carry the ball?’ or ‘can he hold the ball?’ Just give me the ball and let me run with it and then we’ll see from there.

How come you haven’t been given a title shot? You have been here for 8 years, you’ve been very loyal. Why is that?

B: You know, it’s the politics that go on. You’ve got guys that come in, slip in, flashes in the pan that slip under the bottom of the backdoor like Goldberg. He steps in there, gets a title shot, and wins it, and gets the rocket shoved right up his ass. But I’ll tell you like this, Booker has been here for eight years. It’s been a slow rise to the top, but like my Daddy always said, cream always rises to the top. So you will see Booker in 2000 on top of the world in WCW.

Is there any chance that we’ll see you team up with Stevie Ray again?

B: There’s no chance in seeing me back with Stevie Ray. I plan on doing another 5 years in professional wrestling. I have a lot of goals to meet, and those goals don’t plan on me being in the tag picture. After winning 10 tag titles, there’s nothing really more for me to do there.

Any chance you would ever leave?

B: You never know. I might become a free agent one day. Do a little bit of something here, a little bit of something there, but for right now, I am totally focused on WCW and getting the work done here.

Want some word association?

B: Sure.

Let’s start with Kevin Sullivan.

B: He’s a cool guy with me.

Billy Kidman.

B: (smiles) He’s an asshole.


B: Hardcore.

Linda McMahon

B: Linda McMahon… hmm, who’s that? (laughs) Very powerful.

The Rock

B: Very charismatic

La Parka

B: Speaks very good english (laughs)

If you were on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” who would your lifeline be?

B: Who would my lifeline be? My wife.

Who would win in a fight between you and me?

B: I would, of course. Easy match.

If Fred Flintstone knows that the ribs are going to flip his car over, how come he orders them everytime?

B: Maybe he likes eating on the side of his car.

Anything you’d like to say to all the Booker fans out there reading this on

B: As far as my fans go, I’d just like to let them know that if it weren’t for them, there wouldn’t be no me. You can catch me at the hotel, you can catch me at the airport. You can never expect Booker to turn down a fan to sign an autograph. I am always approachable.

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