Compete as a Bodybuilder?

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Compete as a Bodybuilder?

You Want to Compete as a Bodybuilder? 

Of course you want to compete because you have spent months, may be even years training to build your body to perfection.

Why keep it hidden? 

Most likely you have heard that bodybuilding competition involves a maximum level of physical and mental control unlike most other sports. Yes, it is very, very true. Entering a bodybuilding competition brings your training level to a whole new order of existence. 

Be aware that on Competition Day everyone on stage will not have a perfect physique. This is true. Typically some will be more muscular while others will be more lean and defined. Quite common is that competitors will lack symmetry or bear more body fat than they desire. Ideally take Competition Day as a reality check.  You may want to be perfect but concentrate on being prepared with confidence. 

When you decide to compete as a bodybuilder, you will have to face the Competition Diet. IT is most likely the most difficult aspect of contest preparation. Your workout may last an hour or two; yet dieting is 24/7. It takes a lot of willpower and determination if you plan to be successful at competition. 

The diet is also expensive. The diet takes quality food, protein powders, MRP’s (meal replacements) and supplements add up quickly so be geared up. The definitive goal of the Competition Diet is to lose the maximum amount of body fat while retaining the maximum amount of lean muscle mass. But realize you will lose some muscle during this process. Reportedly the ratio is 1 pound of muscle to every 3 pounds of body fat. 

Once you get on stage and go through the process of competing after years of training to perform on this day, you will feel an unforgettable acceleration.  An experience you will hold in your memory forever.  It’s quite an experience, worth all the time and money it took to get you on that stage in front of those judges.

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