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Motion – Lay on your back with your legs resting on a bench in front of you. Curl your shoulders up toward your knees rounding your back just far enough to get your shoulders off of the floor.

Note – You can vary this movement to get well rounded abdominal muscles by twisting as you contract your abs. Try aiming one elbow toward the opposite knee. Do each side to be most effective.

Variations – This is one of the most versatile exercises.

Reverse Crunches– lay lengthwise on a bench and reach behind your head and hold the edge of the bench. Bring your knees to your chest raising your butt off of the bench.

Cable Crunches – using a rope attached to an overhead pulley. Kneel down and hold the rope with both hands. Curl your head to your knees rounding your back concentrating on your ab muscles and hold for a second.

Hanging Crunches – hang from a pull-up bar and pull your knees to your chest in a slow controlled motion. Do not move or contract your arms.

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