Chuck Liddell Talks Training And Diet

Fighters are always looking for the right training routine and the right diet to help them become a champion. The same things don’t always work for everyone so every fighter seems to have a little different approach. During a recent interview on, Chuck Liddell talked a little bit about his training regimen and his diet.

“I work on my wrestling quite a bit, because I think it’s one of the hardest conditionings, and my striking of course, it’s my bread and butter. Those are pretty much the things I work on the most.

We heard that you spent some time training with American Top Team after your last fight. Specifically, what did you work on there?

I worked a lot with Howard Davis Jr. from American Top Team; he was down at my camp. John Hackleman brought him in to help me with my boxing and striking. He was down here because I needed a lot of help and he was the man to do it and I liked a lot of the stuff he was doing, he did a good job and it fit well.

When training for an upcoming fight, what do you do for strength conditioning?

We do just about everything. I do some weights, swimming, rowing, hammer tires, sprints, sand workouts, pushing heavy wheel barrels, flipping 300-pound tires.

What do you do to train for endurance and cardio?

We do a lot of back and forth workouts, like a few minutes of rowing, then jump into boxing and wrestling right after, then back to hard rowing, sprints, then back to wrestling and then back to rowing and back to wrestling, it’s a constant cycle that keeps me working and really helps with my cardio and endurance.

How many hours do you normally train in a day?

When I’m training for a fight I work out two or three times a day for five days a week.

How long a break would you take between fights before getting back to your training?

I try to take two weeks off after a fight and then get back to working out four or five times a week. I try to stay in shape and am always consistently working out. I can always get back into to my training without many problems, as long as I don’t take too much of a break after a fight.

Do you have any tips for our readers on how to maximize training for your body?

I think some of the most important exercises are all the core exercises that you can do to maximize training in certain areas of your body.

What kind of diet are you on when training for a fight?

I do a 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fats diet. I make sure not to pass 4,200 calories a day, so that I maintain my weight and do not go over.”

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