WEC 41: Brown vs Faber 2 Recap – Brown Victorious, Faber a Warrior

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WEC 41: Brown vs Faber 2 Recap – Brown Victorious, Faber a Warrior

The rest of the fight, round-for-round, saw Brown trying to get his gloves on Faber, but not sticking anything substantial. Faber threw countless frontkicks and pushkicks and a bevy of elbows, but also couldn’t score a knockout blow. The fight didn’t go to the ground very much, which isn’t surprising. Both fighters tried a few submissions, the guillotine being the favorite, but Faber couldn’t lock his broken hands together and was just too evasive for Brown to utilize any type of fight-ending ground-and-pound.

This fight was a classic strength vs speed matchup. Both fighters landed some good strikes and nearly-successful submissions. After the five-round battle was over, the judges decided unanimously that Brown would stay a champion, but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want a third fight. Who knows what could have happened had Faber’s hands stayed intact? What I know is, finishing a five-round fight with the best in your weight-class with a broken hand, is what fight fans watch this sport to see. Overall, I’m somewhat disappointed to see a fight ruined by injury so early in the match, but Faber kept going and although he kept his belt, you can’t help but feel like Mike Brown knows this was a hollow victory and nobody in Coconut Creek will tell you otherwise.

At any rate, Faber proved he could ball, and Brown got to showcase some of his throws and ground game, but believe this isn’t settled yet. I’ve got my calendar warmed-up and am fully-prepared to leave another scantily-clad woman waiting in the pool for the chance to see Brown vs Faber 3.

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