Bodybuilders Use Natural Cleaning Products

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Bodybuilders Use Natural Cleaning Products

Making your own cleaning products is easier than going to the grocery store and spending your hard earned cash on chemical formulated cleaners. Being a bodybuilder you need to keep your lifestyle as chemical-free as possible. Making your own cleaning products requires very little natural ingredients that you might find in your kitchen.

All-purpose cleaner to have on hand for your house cleaning is ideal. To make an all-purpose cleaner that is soft on your counter tops, tiles and floors, you mix into ½ gallon of water ½ cup of vinegar and 3T of baking soda.  You can use a sprayer or wet a medium sponge with the cleaner and wipe clean your counter, tubs, sinks and floors. Avoid cleaning wood surfaces with this mixture because it will stain the wood. We have another recipe for cleaning wood surfaces.

Making a cleaning product that handles stubborn grime for every home – bar none – is of the upmost for every household. This mixture works wonders to eliminate grimy bath tubes and sinks. Baking soda is the only ingredient needed that every home stores in the kitchen. You pour the baking soda on a medium sponge and scrub away at the grime and watch the porcelain come to view. If the grime seems a little too grimy add some salt to the mixture and scrub some more. That should do it – sparkle clean.

Toilets need very little attention to get thoroughly clean with just straight-old vinegar. The most effective method to clean a toilet bowl is to pour 1 cup of vinegar into the bowl and let it set for at least 30 minutes.  If you have only one bathroom in the home make sure you go before you clean. While the vinegar sets you can use your toilet bowl scrubber and scrub the grime bye-bye. After 30 minutes flush the toilet and rinse off your brush in the clean toilet water.

Windows are easy to clean, too, with vinegar. In a spray bottle, add equal amounts of vinegar and water. Wear cleaning gloves because you will be handling newspaper. Spray the window with the vinegar/water mixture and wipe with newspaper until the window is dry. Look how clean and shining your windows can be.

Keeping your wood clean is a real chore but very rewarding. Cleaning wood surfaces with olive oil is purely natural for all wood furniture. You mix 1 cup of olive oil to a few lemon oil drops. You want to use a soft clean cloth and gently work the mixture into your furniture. You will see how well your wood responses to the mixture. Almost as if you are adding life to the piece of wood that once lived. Then, finish off the wood with a dry clean cloth and buff it up until the wood shines through and through.

Just think how more natural your living environment will be now, and how much money you will save by making your own cleaning products with such ease. All homemade cleaners are relatively natural without those formulated chemicals.  Living in such a home helps maintain a natural environment for our bodybuilding lifestyle.

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