Bodybuilders Missing Mr. Olympia 2008

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Bodybuilders Missing Mr. Olympia 2008

One after another, renowned and respected bodybuilders announce their refusal to participate in the major competition of the year – Mr. Olympia 2008. Branch Warren, Kai Greene and Victor Martinez are already out of the competitors list. The reasons for the refusal are different.

Triceps Injury of Branch Warren

Branch Warren can’t take part in Mr. Olympia 2008 competition because if the injured triceps. Warren says he slipped on the stairs at his home. Trying to recover his balance, he jerked his arm and injured triceps where it connects the elbow.

That same day Warren had a surgery on his triceps tendon. He says he’s going to train his lower body while the arm’s recovering. Also, he promises to take part in Arnold Classic 2009 competition at the beginning of March.

Kai Greene: Not the Right Time for Mr. Olympia?

Kai Greene, also known by his nickname The Predator, has made up his mind to miss Mr. Olympia 2008. He says that while it’s been his big dream to compete for the title Mr. Olympia – and he was qualified for the competition after being third at Arnold Classic and first at New York Pro – he feels it’s not the right time for it now. He needs a rest after a tough year to recover for the next season that he might finish on the Mr. Olympia stage.


Knee Injury of Victor Martinez

Following Kai Greene, Victor Martinez who placed second at Olympia last year announced he couldn’t step on the Mr. Olympia 2008 stage. The knee injury he got six weeks prior to Arnold Classic competition is to blame. Martinez had a surgery and is rapidly recovering. He says he planned to be in better shape for Olympia competition than last year but the injury got in the way.

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