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As a bodybuilder who is in dire need of effective, safe, and cheap anabolics, I have searched through several online pharmacy websites and landed on one that appears to be legit, has started in the early 2010’s. Its first bases were located in Switzerland. The chain store system[…]

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green tea weight loss

Why Green Tea Is Great For Weight Loss

If you’re looking to experience fast weight loss, one beverage that you must not overlook is green tea. Many people get all caught up in all the various energy drinks on the market, but if you’re looking for fast and effective results, you simply cannot go wrong with this beverage.[…]

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safe sun tanning

Safe Sun Tanning

Having a sun-kissed, golden complexion is a popular desire among the masses in the UK, especially teens who are increasingly using sun-beds and self tanning methods to become darker skinned. While having a tan can be aesthetically pleasing and portray a fit and healthy body; we must realise the fundamental[…]

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Cialis And Bodybuilding

Some of you have known about this for a very long time. However recently speaking with some TRT users I’ve shared some of my “supplement” regimen additions with them that I use with my TRT, and “On Cycle” as well. When sharing this info with some other weight trainers, occasionally[…]

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Buying Steroids Using Bitcoin

Buying with Bitcoin, Saving 20%, And how I got some of my cycle for FREE Since I posted the where to buy steroids online article over 6 months ago, I had a ton of emails asking about Bitcoin. Since I’m a old guy and a creature of habit I always[…]

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