Gets Raided, The Streets Must Be Free Of Violence.

I was thinking, I have been asked my opinion a lot lately on how I feel about the raid on , and to be honest I am still not sure.

I personally don’t spend anytime on that site, because it is really not my type of forum, not that it is bad or anything.

It is just not my cup of tea. I do have to say though , it is a massive misuse of Law Enforcement resources, and for what, to disrupt the lives of citizens that for the most part follow the law.  If there was a illegal tendency that plagued humanity currently, that followed steroid use, then I would at least understand the reasoning.

Not even violent tendencies are at a big increase in steroid users.

So they most likely infultrated the forum, and acted like a member of the site, even falsely became friends with members , only  to throw the same people under the bus for acts that shouldn’t be seen as illegal.

Which leads me to ask why can the good guys play dirty, but the bad guys being dirty makes them wrong…… So not only are the fake members , but if they get the urge they could give advice, the same advise we are given a hard time for giving.

Seems ass backwards.

From what I read the owner Of is being a fine citizen by allowing the Powers That Be , any and all info they need or ask for. The idea that they advertise places where steroids can be purchased , is wrong because they are illegal in certain countries, especially since the world is connected to the Internet, is like telling the Gun Shop they can’t sell guns to legitimate people , because it is illegal for a person to have a gun without a permit.

It is meant for places where it is legal, and if purchased by anyone else that is an issue with the Purchaser.

What the Ryan Haight Act passed , it constricted advertisers of be allowed ( legally ) to promote online pharmacies that are accredited by the US Government.  What if the purpose of advertising such was for the patrons that don’t reside within the US, so every aspect of the purchase would be legal , except the fact you advertised it. Where do the Powers That Be get off. If they cannot control a problem , they throw a fit, and bend laws into place so it works for them.

So I hope that this little raid shows what is really going on, and shows we are not the bad guy. Let it show that such practices will not bring us down, and in the future make it harder to get the backing to interrupt any other weightlifting forums.

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