BALCO Grand Jury Extended 6 Months, Bonds’ Lawyer Cites ‘Perjury Trap’

Citing multiple sources familiar with the proceedings, the New York Daily News’ T.J. Quinn is reporting that the Grand Jury investigating BALCO and subsequent performance-enhancing drug charges was renewed for another 6 months. While it comes as no major surprise that the government would extend the grand jury in and of itself, sources also told Quinn that the government expects to indict Barry Bonds after the grand jury reconvenes in September.

While no one has confirmed the continuation of the grand jury proceedings (officials said they legally cannot confirm or deny the existence of a grand jury), the fact that Bonds’ trainer, Greg Anderson remains in jail is a strong indicator that the reports are true. Keeping Anderson in jail also implies that the government is still trying to put together a more solid case against Bonds.

One sources told Quinn that he believed the government already had enough evidence to secure an indictment of Bonds, but that they would rather take more time to make an even stronger case. The source added that the government was not only waiting out Anderson.

“If the case is 90% now, there’s no reason not to go for 100%… They aren’t just waiting around for Greg Anderson.”

Bonds’ lawyer, Michael Rains, responded with his usual threats and bravado.

“I’ll outmaneuver them at every turn,” Rains told the Daily News Saturday night. “I’ve kicked their ass in private, I’ll continue to kick their ass in public.”

The lawyer told the newspaper that he believes the government didn’t let Bonds look at the evidence because it wanted him to slip up in his testimony.

“It was a perjury trap.”

Rains also spoke to the San Jose Mercury News, putting the onus directly on president Bush. Rains reportedly went so far as to say a decision on whether or not to indict Bonds would come from the president himself.

“This investigation is based on the political considerations of this [presidential] administration… The BALCO case is a legacy of Bush, and it is a catastrophic failure — legally and from a public-relations standpoint.”

“The question is how they can throw in the towel without losing an immense amount of face after all they have done.”

On July 21, 2007, before the San Francisco Giants game against the Milwaukee Brewers, Bonds was asked by reporters about the Daily News reports.

“Do I look concerned? You guys just want more stories about me. It’s unreal.”

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