Asia Pharma, There Trial Of Legitimacy.

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Asia Pharma, There Trial Of Legitimacy.

Faced with the idea of being just another UG Lab or to step forward in to unknown prominence, the company known as Asia Pharma , took steps to tighten up the labs and bring everything to specification.

Not an easy or cheap thing to do.  So when I was offered with a sample trial of this fine company I jumped at the chance, while still informing that my self respect it still intake , so if it is not of high quality, I will tell all the truth.

So I was given quite an array of  Test , I brought in a few friends to help sample the Medical Grade ( Thailand ) anabolics.

Me , I retain water too easily, so Prop it was, while I handed off the longer esters to my leaner friends.

So the trial began, coming off some very high quality UG lab (Kalpa Pharmaceuticals) , I thought it quite the task for Asia Pharma.

I was on my third or forth day, at the same dose as before , that I did feel a slight surge in power.

Now it wasn’t huge, but 9 weeks in you don’t expect such a throttle , so it was a good sign. I was also given a small supply of Anavar, very pleased by such I also started that immediately.

I have to say that standing from this view point, I have been blessed with good opportunities, much more so then in my early days of use. I can’t remember how many underdosed products I received back then.

With days of workouts behind me I can honestly say that Asia Pharma is very good quality, and does compare, in my opinion, to that of its Medical Grade counterparts.

But what surprised me the most was when I received a phone call a week into it from one of the test subjects, telling me that the Sustanon 350 had already kicked in and it was almost unreal how much so. He ran on for 10 minutes about the quality and how he never thought it would be that good.

This was coming from a man with many cycles under his belt.

He also has never really gushed over anything other then Tren Acetate.

SO in the end I have been able to find another High Quality Anabolic company, yes they charge more then most, but to be honest I don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to get better grade steroids.

I wish them luck on their no endeavor , but I hope they realize that the FDA will never approve  Tren, EQ, or any other non human steroid.  To me all that matters is whether or not they take that extra step to  ensure quality and safety for its consumers.

So far so good.

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