Anthony Roberts: Cyber-Terrorism Turns Criminal

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Anthony Roberts: Cyber-Terrorism Turns Criminal

Anthony Roberts is in hot water again, and it appears his blog, which was seized by US marshals was the first, but not the last of his cyber-hate platforms to be seized. Thanks to a brave new host in South Africa, along with the work of many forensic specialists and coordinated legal teams here and abroad, has also been shut down.

Years ago, if a bully was picking on you at a playground, you’d tolerate it for only so long before reaching your breaking point – the point where you’ve received enough torment –  you’d decide to wait for him after school to teach him a lesson once and for all. Times have changed and today cyber-terrorism has become a pandemic, with people like Anthony Roberts making an occupation out of it.

Make no mistake; what Anthony Roberts does is a form of cyber-stalking. It begins with personal insults and lies, but  sociopaths like him continue to refine their craft. Insults turn to lies, lies to hate, and hate to stalking, it escalates, in the case of Anthony Roberts, to Anti-Semitism, mocking of the disabled, and perhaps even organized death threats.

Sources report Roberts’ cyber-terrorism didn’t end with him hiding behind his keyboard, but may now have taken a new, more serious turn. Darren Meade, interim CEO of Progenex Dairy Bioactives, Inc. (“PDB”) has confirmed that Roberts is being investigated for his role in publishing Anti-Semitic hate propaganda, possible extortion, and criminal threats as part of a group that initially set out to destroy his company, PDB for civil gain.

Vince Andrich, Dave Palumbo, Carl Lanore, and the new kid on the block, Yemeni Mesa, have all been linked to Roberts and the effort to destroy PDB. All true, and each one of them have multiple online posts, to include Facebook, radio shows and forums.

A Horse of a Different Color

Anthony Roberts, who as many of you know changed his name from Anthony Connors, has made his livelihood by going after people and damaging their careers. He’s known in the bodybuilding industry for starting trouble, and for telling biased versions of a story, but apparently he crossed the line some time ago.

In previous articles on SteroidsLive, we reported on the sad truth of his profit scheme from “RoidStore,” where he sold illegal steroid alternatives with steroid names pasted on them.  He’s also known for handing out misinformation and snitching on reputable distributors.

He’s been let go from jobs at message boards including, where this quote was taken regarding his firing:

“His comments, opinions, LIES (many of them of which he was caught in ), views, thoughts, actions, most of which we do not approve of nor condone… and have NOTHING to do with us or our company. Although before he was hired we knew that he was disliked by most of the fitness, supplement, and steroid industry we thought he MIGHT be of some help to the future growth of our company, but we were wrong. WE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO YOU!! for that we are truly sorry!!!

As many of you know, he is a compulsive liar and hater and in many peoples opinion has ZERO morals or convictions. We apologize for making so many of you mad when we hired him and we are very upset at his performance at [] as well as his character and behavior.

Please be advised that we do not wish to be associated with him in any way shape or form and even though we made so many people upset when we hired him, we hope that you will forgive our mistake and allow us to grow from here.”

It’s safe to say the guy has made his share of enemies along the way. But what did he do now?

Anthony’s Day of Reckoning

In October, Darren Meade became Interim-CEO of PDB, replacing Dr. Scott Connelly after a much-publicized resignation. This obviously ruffled some industry feathers. For those who don’t already know, Meade was awarded $1.5 million in a 1998 lawsuit he filed against Dr. Scott Connelly, founder of the Met-RX brand of bodybuilding foods and supplements. The lawsuit charged that Meade was not paid for profit sharing from his business partnership with the MET-RX.

Although Meade brings more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical, and sports nutrition to PDB, Anthony Roberts took to his website and other outlets to attack Meade’s credibility, experience, and integrity. The question is why, and who is pulling Anthony’s strings?

Meade and his company went on the offensive to stop the libelous comments and threats by Roberts, and retained a forensic team to unmask the tangled web of players and locate the owner of Roberts’ site.

It was at this point that Roberts became obsessed with harming Meade and others, and his stories became more vicious, twisting free speech into criminal behavior.

Below is the first email Roberts sent Meade:

Subject: Anthony Roberts

From: “Anthony Roberts” <[email protected]>

Date: Tue, November 23, 2010 1:00 pm

To: [email protected]


You’re still asking around about me. I am going to make you famous. I called you and left a message. Feel free to reply via phone or via email, if you have any questions about me, or any of my employers.

~Anthony Roberts

And the Allies Are Dropping Like Flies

Meade contacted Andrew Carruthers, a South African citizen and owner of Maverick Publishing, who registered Roberts’ site, as well as owns the domain and pays all associated fees. Of course this wasn’t a simple fact to find, since Roberts can’t own a domain in his own name after Brian Clapp’s $6M judgment allowing him to seize any of Roberts’ assets.

For unknown reasons, Carruthers initially backed Roberts’ journalistic integrity and research and indicated that Meade had no jurisdiction over Robert’s website. But upon further review of the situation it seems Carruthers and his affiliate, Dimi Ingle, not only took down Roberts’ website, but also went on to remove all references to Meade, his company, and Anthony Roberts on his own website, Muscle Evolution.

What’s Next for Roberts?

At this point Anthony’s likely pretty darn nervous, and perhaps desperate, as we were able to find small scribbles of his anger on various forums, where, of course, defamation was running ramped. Why else would he make threatening phone calls from his own phone line? Has he not heard of caller ID? At this point Anthony Roberts is seemingly backed into a corner, but it is a corner that he put himself into.

Anthony Roberts has made threats to Darren Meade and many others, both by email and phone, and through other mediums we

cannot disclose at this time. He’s attacked Jews and the disabled with his hateful jokes, remarks and pictures, and his behavior is becoming more and more erratic.

Anthony is a grown man who made his own choices and decisions on what to write, what to publish, and who to attack. It will be interesting to see what happens next. We will keep you up-to-date as more information comes in.

Were You Affected By Anthony’s Lies or Threats?

Meade and his company have set up a website for those individuals or companies that feel they have been defamed, threatened, or scammed in any way by Anthony Roberts. Please visit the website at for more information.

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