Alex Rodriguez Steroids Allegations in New Book, New York Yankees, High School

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Alex Rodriguez Steroids Allegations in New Book, New York Yankees, High School

The New York Daily News’ Tracy Conner is reporting details from Selena Roberts soon to be released book, A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez. According to Conner, Roberts claims that Rodriguez may have been using steroids as early as high school as well as during his time with the New York Yankees beginning in 2004.

Roberts and David Epstein first reported that Rodriguez had tested positive for Primobolan (an anabolic steroid) and testosterone in 2003. Two days later Rodriguez admitted using a “banned substance” nicknamed “Boli” from 2001 to 2003 while with the Texas Rangers.

Claims that Rodriguez used steroids and/or HGH with the Yankees would directly contradict what he has said thus far.

An unnamed major-leaguer is quoted as saying Rodriguez and steroid-tainted pitcher Kevin Brown were seen together with human growth hormone – HGH – in 2004.

Brown, who was named in the Mitchell Report on steroids, denied through a lawyer that he ever shared the hormone with the highest-paid player in baseball.

Two other anonymous Yankees said they believed A-Rod was using based on side effects they saw – and a clubhouse staffer said management wondered if he was using banned substances.

Rodriguez was also reportedly nicknamed “Bitch Tits” by his teammates in New York in 2005. “Bitch Tits” refers to Gynecomastia, a condition causing breast enlargement in males, and is a known side effect of some anabolic steroids.

Allegations that Rodriguez used PEDs with the Yankees wouldn’t just get him in trouble with the fans in New York, they could draw the attention of Major League Baseball. If there is conclusive evidence that Rodriguez used steroids in 2004 or later, when MLB’s first substantial drug policy was in place, Rodriguez might be subject to a suspension.

That said, the allegations from Rodriguez’s high school years will likely prove to be the most controversial.

Rodriguez put on 25 pounds of muscle between his sophomore and junior years, and word was that his connection was a dog kennel owner.

A former high school teammate told Roberts the future No.1 MLB draft pick was on steroids and his coach knew it.

Another student said the son of coach Rich Hofman admitted he saw Rodriguez use steroids.

Jose Canseco, who has accused Rodriguez of using steroids as far back as 2007, believes Rodriguez was using in high school.

“Was he on steroids in high school?” (Canseco) said. “I think probably so. I worked out with him when he was 18. He could lift almost as much as I could.”

The allegations in the Daily News report do not contain any conclusive evidence, but Roberts’ reporting has thus far proved thorough and accurate.

The book also details the non-baseball aspects of Rodriguez’s life.

The 255-page book also chronicles A-Rod’s off-the-field escapades: his poker habit; his divorce from his wife, Cynthia; the relationship with Madonna, and dalliances with out-of-town floozies.

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