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A Word To The Wise

I wanted to write this and since I am waiting on a good friend of Deadweight’s , who is willing to tell all the crappy things he has done as a MOD, I figured this would be a good time to rant about morals.

I realize everyone make mistakes , but without taking responsibility for it , you are just self-righteous.

Over the last few months I have dealt with several people like this.

 The problem is , these people have decent followings to enable them, they stand behind them even after they are proved wrong.

Why does this happen? Why not hold these people responsible?

A good example is Pecs who owns www.meathedz.com , I am not saying he is a bad person , I don’t know him but here is what I do know.

When contacted by Deadweight about a supposed issue of WP handing over addresses to customs.

 So he did what he thought was right, he went around passing on this new found information.

 To let WP know he sent the following:

Due to the members address being reported to customs… I have revoked World-Pharma’s advertising rights here on Meathedz.com for members safety and security.

Rest assured I will forward the pics of the bunk gear and this customs reporting to other board owners to stop World Pharma from advertising on any other forum.

This was done on the word of one of his forum’s MOD. But when I asked him where his proof was , he posted an e-mail from WP, but I asked for real proof of them actually doing it. No response! I asked whether he would fix it when I proved what his MOD had did, still no response.

So what he is saying without saying is , it’s only wrong when someone he doesn’t know does it. That is self righteous.

His whole speech was , Rex was wrong for not listening to him without proof, I was taking money from them because I was stating DW was scum for attempted blackmailing, and CanadianSuperBoard.com for not jumping to conclusions like he did. What is funny is Pecs took WP’s money and didn’t return it when he banned them.

He said he only took a months worth of advertising fees , but that is not what I saw in form of an e-mail.

You know what, he may fool most of the morons that surround him, not saying much, but in the end he and his scumbag MOD, Deadweight, will not be able to fool the One Creator when judgement day comes, and do you think your bullshit lies is going to pass then????? Not likely, so really take a look at yourself , and think what is the truth…. I called Deuce a scammer and blackmailer, and when I found out I was wrong, I promptly admitted it. That is what you are suppose to do.  Get a clue and get honest!!!!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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  1. Steroids UK says:

    he can’t be a very good friend if he is going to spill the beans on this guys wrongdoings 🙂

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