What’s In A Name ?

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What’s In A Name ?

I have been around this game for quite a while, and throughout this time I have always been intrigued by the way most Labs make up names for there products.

I have to say that I have never been completely convinced of why they do so. The practice is almost similar to that of the naming of porn movies, or even the names people put on marijuana when they sell it.  I got that cush bro, want some or I got that blueberry .  Or on the other example , it’s like Harry Squater and The Escape From Ass-caban.

Well you get the idea.

So I sat here and went through about a dozen or so Lab’s sites to see how many different names for different products I could find.

After about an hour I realized that the names were endless ,  and so were the promises.

At the end of the day it comes down to the quality of the compound , not what name you labeled it with.

You can call it “Shit” and as long as it replicates the old British Dragon, I’m in. SO while I am impressed with the effort and imagination that goes into such titles, lets be honest , it is NOT a major factor.

I did have a thought , if I ever started my own UG Lab I think I would name all the products  after Porn Stars.

Like I could name the Anadrol ( since it is used for wasting like with AIDS ) John Holmes , it packs a large punch and can be used either way. Call D-Bol the Ron Jeremy , well because it makes you bloated but thick.

Call the Testoxyl Cypionate Jenna Jamison , because it makes you look retarded like you had ridiculous plastic surgery.

This might work , I guess I should do more research and take it from there.

More then anything I was just amazed but how many names they have for each steroid and I don’t believe that will change any time soon.

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