A-rod, I Wasn’t Going To Waste My Time But Why Not….

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A-rod, I Wasn’t Going To Waste My Time But Why Not….

Just for the record I was totally against the idea of writing about Alex Rodriguez for 3 reasons-

1. He is a member of the NY Yankees

2. He is barely a man in my eyes

3. He plays third base for the NY Yankees ( guess what team I like,”GO RED SOX)

But after watching Peter Gammons’ interview with A-Rod, I decided ok it is time for me to speak out.  First off I want to say that Hank Steinbrenner is a big mouth idiot, his dad was a big mouth but at least he had proved his worth.

As for Hank he runs his mouth, sounds stupid and thinks the world should listen.  I know I am biased because of I am a Sox fan but to be very honest, I would take Jeter at short on my team any day, Joe Torre was a great manager and Hank tossed him away like he didn’t need him.  Guess that plan didn’t work to well, so while I dislike the Yankees, I do respect the players and coaches who have earned it. Not the ones who inherit there power.

So I want to say that first off A-Rod is full of shit, he referred to GNC (free advertisement, wonder how much they paid him for that) several times and I would bet my life that he never purchased a thing from any where in the US, maybe the have “SPECIAL” GNC’s down in the Dominican Republic.  Maybe they sell Schering at those GNCs but not at ours buddy.  Also I can’t stand how he made a reference to his injury like it was steroid related, why is it when these athletes get caught, they jump on the bandwagon of how steroids are bad.  The ones that don’t get caught keep on doing them, it is funny how that works.

So during the interview I heard it was the Time  within Baseball’s Era that caused him to do it, it was the pressure, it was because his cat died, trust me I have heard ALL the excuses and there all bogus.  You don’t think A-Rod was on the phone with his PR guy right before the interview telling him what to say.  That’s why sincerity is out the window, it doesn’t exist anymore, unless your gauging how sincere the Public Relations guy is.  By the way his PR guy isn’t very sincere…..

The thing I find most annoying is that I haven’t found a single supplement that causes you to test positive for Primo, and yet he stuck to that bullshit.  And knowing that he has a lot of money he wasn’t using Vet grade stuff, he was getting top of the line ampules baby.  Once again I would like to ask A-Rod where he ever saw ampules in a GNC? Or the injectables section at GNC? Well, we all know they don’t exist, so let A-Rod believe he fooled the world while we snicker at his ignorance.

Finally I would like to look at what he was told about his failed drug test in August of 04, he said that he was told that he possibly failed a drug test, to me that’s like someone saying you possibly failed you STD test, you would DEFINITELY do some follow-up work on that issue.  But according A-Rod he just didn’t worry about it, that is either an acceptionally stupid man or a Buddhist Monk ( so at peace with the world that nothing bothers him).  I don’t see a robe on the man so, I will go with option A.

I could go on for days but I will leave it at that.  Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments at [email protected] . Thank you

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