A Great Idea Was Had Today

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A Great Idea Was Had Today

So I would like to apologize for not posting for like a week, I had a personal matter to take care of and so I was unavailable for a week.  Now I was talking to AR today and we were speaking about how anti-steroid groups love to throw around erroneous stats, like steroids cause cancer…. Ok, if they do at such a high rate , were are the studies? They say ” Steroids cause you nuts to shrivel, true but they come back.

My point is if they write this trash in an article, televise it on TV, or speak about it at a conference, we should stand up and address the media it comes from.  If the statement is completely false, ask them for scientific proof.  If it is true but not the majority, we need to say ” Hey that is only happens in 1 percent of the cases.

This could be done, and here is how AR thought best, we could have a forum of the main members of most of the forums.

When such a case happens we could pass the word through the forum and onto other forums.  In a matter of a day we could have 50,000 + e-mails backing up the truth.  This could work my friends, but we have to come together , to make them fall apart.

Well I want to let you know I have some good stuff coming up this week, I have a new steroid company that allowed me some of my associates to sample their goods, and I will let you in on the results.

I also have a big surprise with a lot of info on Steroid’s Mecca, with a full report of what is the current situation.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] , thank you.

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