Sunless Tanning Solutions for Bodybuilders

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sunless tanning solutions

Sunless Tanning Solutions for Bodybuilders

Sunless tanning commonly involves the application of substances on the surface of the skin to bring about the desirable browning of the skin tone. The use of the injectable hormone Melanotan has become more popular in the UK, although traders will most likely not hold a valid trading license for the hormone, hence the majority of suppliers dwelling in China and the Far East. Tanning pills are also available on the market, although the majority are not approved by the FDA.

Tanning with sunless tanning lotions

There are various tanning lotions available on the market which contain DHA, a substance which causes the top lay of skin to brown. The DHA does not dye or pigment the skin; rather the browning is caused by a reaction in the layer of dead skin and therefore does not require any sunlight or UV lighting to bring about the desirable results.

sunless tanning lotions

Sunless tanning lotions can be applied by professionals in many spas, gyms and health shops. There are various products available over the counter which also allows anyone to apply the lotion in the comfort of their own home. The tan typically lasts several days.

Spray on tans

Spray on tans are temporal sunless tans which work by tinting the skin, and can be washed off. Spray tans usually just last a day and therefore are sometimes used after the first application of a DHA lotion to produce an instant tan which lasts until the tanning lotion begins to bring about a longer lasting sunless tan.

spray tans

Air brush tans which last longer (typically a week or so) are also available in many health and beauty shops. The air brush tan fades gradually with showers, baths and contact with clothes.

Sunless tanning pills

Tanning pills typically contain the pigment Canthaxanthin, a substance which is usually found in some foods as a colour additive in the EU. The consumption of larger amounts Canthaxanthin in humans brings about a brown/orange tint to the skin due to the deposit of the substance in the fatty tissue below the skin layer. This has lead various companies to market sunless tanning pills which contain Canthaxanthin.

sunless tanning pills

The FDA does not approve tanning pills containing Canthaxanthin.


Melanotan is a peptide which heightens the secretion of melanin, a substance which causes the skin to darken and tan. Increased melanin will bring about initial tanning without UV exposure, but Melanotan will also drastically improve the tan achieved by using a sun bed or bathing in the sun. The use of Melanotan may therefore reduce the amount of time needed to achieve the desired tan, leading to reduced UV exposure.


Melanotan has various side effects, such as appetite suppression, skin flushing and nausea. These short term side effects tend to decrease with usage, as noted by many users on online communities.

The increased demand for Melanotan is being met by China and the Far East. It is unlikely any seller in the UK holds a valid trading license for Melanotan sale, and therefore would be trading illegally.

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