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calories fruit chart

Calories In Fruit – a Chart

Ever wondered how many calories there are in various fruit? Below is a chart which clearly shows the number of calories for popular items of fruit (remember some fruits have larger servings than others), displayed on a visual chart for easy cross reference. The calories are per item, and are[…]

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Work Out From Home

3 Tips On How To Work Out From Home

Everyone would love to get more daily exercise; however, with an increasingly busier lifestyle, it can often be difficult to find the time to go to a gym or fitness centre. As well, for many people, a gym membership may not be in their budget, or they just do not[…]

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High-End Supplements

Getting Results: Basics Trump High-End Supplements

Athletes and bodybuilders who make good use of supplements make better progress than those who don’t. Whilst there may be some tree-hugging yoga-lovers that might be offended by this statement, it is something born out by all those who train seriously and trainers like myself who measure their clients’ results.[…]

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Hard Abs

Get Rock Hard Abs In 3 Simple Moves

A well defined and pronounced 6-pack is only achievable with two things; low body fat and a hypertrophied midsection. The latter is what we aim to discuss in this brief article, and I believe is not optimised by many trainers who are looking to develop a strong and defined set[…]

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Fitness At Home

Fitness At Home

With long working hours, busy lifestyles, and an increased cost of living, fitness trainers may increasingly opt to cancel their gym membership and begin fitness training at home due to convenience and cost. Much of the exercises performed at the gym can be replicated at home with some basic equipment.[…]

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Fitness Training

How To Lose Baby Weight With Fitness Training

New mums can lose the added baby weight post pregnancy by following a suitable diet and fitness training plan. With the new (and sometimes demanding!) addition to the family it can be difficult to find the time to work out, so an effective workout must fit into a busy lifestyle,[…]

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Adding Muscle

Adding Muscle – Do’s And Don’ts

Adding muscle can be enhanced by following a few simple steps, and also avoiding some common mistakes. This article runs through the main “do’s and don’ts” of adding muscle, which should prove a useful read for beginners, or those who have been going to the gym for some time without[…]

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fitness supplements

Generic Labz Cissus Drol

Cissus Drol is a supplement created by the supplement company Generic Labz. Claimed to be the best no-prohormone supplement for supporting lean muscle gains, using Cissus Drol is argued to increase natural hormone levels, decrease estrogen levels, decrease body fat levels, improve mood, and aid connective tissue. Dosages and servings[…]

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reflex instant mass

Reflex Instant Mass

Reflex instant mass is a mass gainer supplement which contains micellar casein protein for a sustained amino acid release and has a wholegrain carbohydrate source for a low glycemic source of energy. Each serving contains 54 grams of protein, 65 grams of carbohydrates, and 564 calories. Manufactured by the popular[…]

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