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7Lab Pharma

7Lab Pharma

7Lab Pharma is a pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. 7Lab Pharma produces anabolic steroids. Packaging and labeling of 7Lab Pharma are made in a special corporate style, which differ in specific European design. Representatives of the company say that all their preparations are created specifically for sporting purposes.

The company has the latest equipment that meets the standards of GMP. The company employs more than 150 people, 7Lab Pharma products are present on all continents in more than 25 countries. In the USA market, 7Lab Pharma appeared in the summer of 2018, and immediately won a well-deserved popularity among athletes in power sports.

Most likely, the secret of the success of 7Lab Pharma lies in the successful ratio of price and quality. On topical resources, you can find almost only positive feedback from this pharmaceutical company. The range of products of 7Lab Pharma is quite wide:

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  1. miggymig - 2018-06-23 3:22 PM

    I was already into a 7Lab kicker of dbol I extended by 2 weeks with this. What can you say about 7Lab Pharma on point at 40mg a day water retention, and a few back pimples but hey just shows it working. Pumps hurt in my back and arms strength went through the roof was sad when the jump start was over lol

    The wife started the Var she loves it at 10mg a day. Made her horny as hell to do I like that lol.

  2. big steph - 2018-08-30 7:35 AM

    7lab test cypionate and proviron

    only 2 weeks in but i have already gained 8 pounds and sex drive and aggression are both high using 7lab

  3. Dennis74 - 2018-09-12 7:28 PM

    Can you tell me how to buy 7lab pharma legit,? Where can I buy? I am a private .. Thanks

  4. Dianavar007 - 2018-09-13 9:51 AM

    I have used Tren ace and Test prop

    First of all pinning was barely noticeable. Smooth and easy to pin. Both products were decent and surpassed my expectations. Strength, aggression and usual effects from legit stuff. loads of sweating, bad dreams and acne. the tren got me crazy stomach pain and acidity in the beginning. my urine is always dark brown on tren and that’s one of the indications of legit tren. I not only gained lean tissue but lost lot of fat. My BF went down from 8% to 6% while i added some lean tissue. More vascular and dried look. At the beginning of this cycle i was 181 lbs with 8-9% BF whereas at the end of cycle i was 184lbs with 6% BF.

    I highly recommend this lab.

  5. Peppone - 2018-09-19 3:17 PM

    I have used 1 x 10ml vial of 7Lab Pharm Sustanon

    Really good stuff! The oil was clean and smooth with almost zero PIP.

    I used this product at 2ml (500mg week) adding it weekly with 500mg of Boldenone Undecylenate for the first 5 weeks of the cycle.

    Im not new to Sustanon,and i can confirm the product has done effectively his job! I got in those weeks substantial gains in size and strenght.

  6. awesome-o-5000 - 2018-10-24 1:30 PM

    really liked their sust. good presentation, clean vial and clear contents. Draws quickly and pins like butter. Ran 2ml a week for 5 weeks and saw some real gains in that time. I always like that punch that good sust gives you- great for focus in the gym.

    I really pushed my incline bench when running this and my numbers in my logbook reflected a steady consistent gain that indicates a good quality product.

    This sust is really worth a look well priced and potent.


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