Your Focus Can Give That Extra Muscle!

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Your Focus Can Give That Extra Muscle!

Lately I find myself wanting inner peace more and more.  I did do some research and found several approaches, anything from Buddhism to basic meditation.  Though I found myself almost mocking some of the techniques as I read them, but I didn’t allow my own biased view get in the way of my quest.  So after a few short days I found my temperament was much better, so I thought what other aspects could this help? 

My idea is to find out whether meditation and the combination of a cycle I used 6 months back could show better gains.  Thanks to the fact I charted all my gains, I can compare including fat loss.  The area I most want to pay attention is the strength gains.  This is what I believe focus can stimulate most.

I believe this because the brain is an unbelievably strong instrument, and its powers are endless.  To this day our full capacity of ability still can’t be gauged.  So will a well disciplined mind make a difference?  I think so.  So what I plan to do is meditate for 20 minutes before every work out, and to make the study more efficient I will use percentage of increase not actual weight differential.  This should make it more exact when all is said and done.

So I will go back on the CKD (ketosis diet) and stick to the same calorie intake.  I will also maintain the same amount of work outs and days off in an effort to keep the playing field level.  I will give you monthly updates and a full blown report at the end, with a detailed description of the type of meditating.  The reason I want to do this is, I found that everything that I start with a clear head I do better, plan and simple. 

I have to tell you that no matter what, you are capable of anything: It just depends on your drive and your train of thought.  To reach such pinnacles we must strive for greatness and except nothing less.  If you aren’t willing to except average, then average will stay in your rear-view.  There is no “TRY”, there is “DO” or “DO NOT”.

That is all I have for today, but please feel free to contact me with questions or comments at [email protected] . Thank you.

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