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Writing About The Steroid Community

With Anthony Roberts’ new book coming out ” Generation S” , I have to say I am looking forward to it, but I am a little concerned about the opinions of non-steroid users once the truth comes out. I know we aren’t looked at in a good light, but most information they know of is bogus anyway.

When others see what really happens within the steroid world they will have factual reasons to dislike the culture, and it is the horrible few that ruin it for the majority.

Within any culture , power can equal abuse of power.

I think the point of view his book will reveal will actually surprise many of the recreational users.

Only when you look deeper and become more involved are you given a true perspective.

It is like anything else, the issues start at the top and make there way down.  To be honest there is two peaks on the top of this mountain.

Peak # 1: The raw powder manufacturer, this is where the steroids begin, before the UG Labs make them they need the hormone.

So even if the maker is on the up and up, the product has a long way to go to be a high quality product.

Next are the raw powder dealers, and notably where the landslide starts, because of the black market location it allows many low lives to enter here.

So maybe they keep it high quality, and maybe they cut it, either is possible, but one is more probable.

Next it normally reaches the UG Labs, sometimes it gets middle-manned again.

Here at the UG Lab ( not always a lab, sometimes it is a basement ) the steroids are made, sometimes in manner fitting to be used on humans and sometimes it isn’t ( this is a whole other issue ). Next stop is either a source or the consumers directly , this varies based on the size of the underground company.

In some cases there is one more step the secondary source, like the guy who sells at his local gym. This creates the hierarchy of the first peak.

Peak #2: This is the social and educational side of the community, this is where most of our unity issues begin and end. This side starts with the forums themselves, and normally the owner of said board, but to be honest sometimes certain MOD’s gain more influence over the community but that varies from board to board.

So within a normal forum it would be the board and owners, with the MOD’s taking the next step down.

I have to say this area is where the most misinformation occurs, and based on the following of said MOD, this can pass bad info to many unknowing people.

Knowledge is power, Ignorance is poison, I can’t stress enough how strongly I feel about a person should understand the responsibility you must accept when giving advice.

People can and will get hurt, so know what you are speaking about, before you speak.

Next we have the Veteran Members, and then the rest of the members.

Unfortunately, within in some of the bigger boards, you have peak one and peak 2 intersecting, because you have sources getting to the MOD’s and Vets to influence sales.

This is where it gets out of hand.

I do feel that the hierarchy should only communicate when ordering and for no other reason.

It is bad for business, and is the only way the bottom feeders, the companies that have no business being in business and only survive by bribing and manhandling members.

Within the dividing hallways is where the heavy stuff is found, this is what AR’s book will reveal, the truth.

I know you will hear from many exposed how AR is this or that but, the issue is that they do so because it is the truth and can only defend themselves by discrediting the source of the info.  The truth hurts, and so they do what they can to fight back without having a ground to stand on. The truth is there, please feel free to find it on your own, you don’t need my personal view to do so.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] .

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