Wii Creates Interaction

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Wii Creates Interaction

I am happy to inform you that trends in video games are changing.  I am seeing more active participation and less individualization. I am speaking of video games like Wii from Nintendo.  

I see players moving about and interacting with other players while they play a Wii game of tennis, bowling, baseball or racquetball.

Moms Like Wii

USA Network reports that the Wii is a hit with moms because of the motion controls. It’s a no brainer.  It’s important to get kids active, which is not a new idea.

Arcades were at a slow death ten years ago, but recently came back to life with Dance Dance Revolution. Dance Dance Revolution is a hit with me and my daughter.

Before Wii came along, our athletic club offered Dance Dance Revolution at the Kid’s Center.  I could workout or play racquetball knowing  my daughter was active, getting into the groove with pop music dance steps.

Onscreen Action

Now, we have Wii. When Wii made its debut at the Kid’s Center, kids quickly became a part of the onscreen action. The motion controls are getting the kids into the game. They are more active and upbeat.

I no longer see hypnotized children caused by the old video games. Now, they play games together in motion.

Don’t get me wrong. I still believe it’s important for kids or adults to experience the real game. But, if you are looking for a substitute babysitter, the Wii remote easily justifies the means.

For example, you and your kids can experience a vitual round of golf but stay home. You can even practice your tennis shots at home in a virtual tennis court.

Did I mention the accessories? You can use zappers to shoot at the screen or boxing gloves to lightsabers. There are no shortage of ways to get you or your kids off the couch and working up a sweat.

Get Your Workout with Wii

Nintendo added the Wii Balance Board. You don’t have to buy the Wii to just play games. You can use the console as a part of your exercise routine.

I was turned on by the Cardio Work Out with kickboxing. Wii directions explained the balance board senses my weight and balance. It’s real simple.

I step onto the balance board. It interprets the movement of my feet. Next thing I know, motions start happening like it does with the remote controller.

I start jabbing while my eyes follow the screen. I have complete control of my workout. I do squats, crunches, back exercises, jumping rope, pushups, log cutting and dodge punching.

Before I think about the time, I am sweating and feeling great in my living room, although I miss the camaraderie of a fitness class.

Wii is a great alternative to working out at the club. Far as kids are concerned, it keeps my daughter active. She can practice her tennis or softball without me taking her to the court or field.  And, that is creative interaction. 

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