Why Not The Steroid Community!!!!!!

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Why Not The Steroid Community!!!!!!

There has been major movements throughout history, why can’t the steroid community have one.  What about those couragious women that finally pushed hard enough to be able to vote.  What about Martin Luther King fighting for equality for all men and women, not just African – American.  What about “The Revolutionary War” to become free of England and start a new.

I know I get preachy sometimes with this stuff, but it is because I do believe in what I speak.  The reason we haven’t made forth a valiant effort is the lack of unity.  I never understood that, we all have one big common bond and yet this doesn’t change.  Even the stoners trying to legalize marijuana are more unified then us.  Well I will tell what I believe to be the issue, EGO.  It is what brings most of us into the steroid community in the first place.  Most boards I have seen, with the exception of roids.biz and RxBodybuilders.com, are wasted bashing each other,  The point of the forums are to help one another, and yet they have evolved into something ugly.  This is the main reason I only frequent those 2 forums ( I have join a new one that looks good in Testosteroids.net), is for this very reason.

The cure- I believe is for anyone who wants to argue like a tough guy on the internet, should do so with his home address and phone number clearly visible next to his statements.  I have to say that would eliminate about 75 % of that shit.  Next, I think the truth is what is really needed, a lot of guys on these sites get there rise to fame by reiterating some bullshit they heard from another source, and it isn’t always correct.  Meaning back up what you say with medical evidence, or shut your mouth.  Its that simple!!!!!!!

What we need is for all of us to collaborate, like AR and I.  He has been well established in the game for a long time and yet he always has time to help me out.  We also have discussed working  on a project or two together.  And why is this?  Because we have the same goals, now if we could get a few more leaders involved, we could possibly get somewhere.  To be honest I don’t care who gets credit for it, I just want it to happen.

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  1. The Steroid Experiment says:

    Just came cross your blog from RxBodybuilders.com – first one I’ve found that I think I’ll make a favourite 🙂 Agree with your comments on the negative vibes on a lot of the forums. Will have to try those two you mentioned.

  2. Lisa L says:

    I always read Anthony Roberts blog and he referred to you several times so I started reading your blog and haven’t stopped since. I hated my bf using steroids until I read up some and I use the info you give to make sure he is doing what he is suppose to. I said to him, are you doing a proper PCT, and he was like what is that? So I help…. Thank guys

  3. Michael W says:

    Your right man. I see on the http://forum.roids.biz and you always answer my questions. I thank you for that. Wish more were like that. Great post, keep doing what your doing.

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