Why Is Common Sense Not So Common?

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Why Is Common Sense Not So Common?

I know its been quite a while since the last time I really ranted about a topic.

So when I woke up this morning ( late I mind you ) I was in a great mood.

Got an e-mail from a buddy, that will bow down to me when I hit 5 wheels ( yes Supy I mean you ) , and I got an e-mail about penis enlargement ( not really my thing ). Then I start reading an e-mail from a very well known forum, and he even gave me his handle and password.

So as he requested I searched out a few threads, and to my  dismay he was right.

Also a very unethical PM threatening him with harm if he bashed a certain source.

Now I would love to disclose the douche bag and his source, but I got better plans for this one before I show the world , because I have a feeling I can get deeper into this, and can call out more involved.

So this is another disgrace, in a culture that has to been hidden because of the stigma attached.

So why would anyone that loves this culture, bring more dirt into our house.

I know some feel they are so important to the cause that they feel that their owed.

I have to say emphatically that there isn’t a single figure within our world that we couldn’t afford to lose.

That is why some of these so called steroid Gods , need to be explained such.

This is the base of all issues, some of these people ( authors, veterans, MOD’s, Admin’s, etc ) need to remember that it is the 85 %, the recreational steroid user that makes this world turn.  Because if this , they need to look out for that 85%, so when they take bribes and embellish the truth for sources, they aren’t doing such.

So, I am here to listen to all complaints , where you feel you were screwed over or manipulated by any well known member of this world.

I promise that if I can help I will, and I will put it out there regardless of the threats… I am here for you , the true members of this community.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at [email protected] , thank you.

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