Why Don’t Certain People Have A Clue?

I was just reading AR’s Blog on two victiims of Operation Raw Deal, first off I don’t find either to be victim, and as AR reported they sold out there friends for a lighter sentence.  Why are these people ( Kenneth Hebert and his wife, Leticia Zamora were the principal operators behind TexStar Labs and Phalco) so caught off guard by the idea of going to jail, the sale of anabolic steroids without a prescription is against the law.  Maybe they missed that thread on the forum where they learned to brew steroids?  I don’t know how this is not understood, that if you get caught you go to jail.  Pretty simple if you think about it, you make a ton of cash because of the risk it entails.

So with this concept firmly in hand, why would they give up others for a chance at a shorter sentence?  To behonest from looking at the sentencing recommendation, and what the Judge gave him, is double.  So the snitching he did, was for nothing.  While I still believe “Operation Raw Deal” was bullshit, because there are so many other more important areas, that the man power could have been used for.  Not because these unlucky vendors got caught.

You don’t sell drugs with the belief that no one gets arrested, if it was that way everyone would be slanging on the corner.

On a funny note, I was ripped by Chloe of “Healthy, Wealthy & Wise” and since she lent me a few of her readers today, I figured I would return the favor.  While I don’t take myself too serious, I did laugh at her comments because I found it to be funny, not completely true, but funny.  I also made a point of using excessive commas for her, so Chloe enjoy.  You may believe I don’t like you, but I actually love you Chloe, and hope you take me up on my offer.

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