Where Your Head Is

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Where Your Head Is

I was thinking today, after reading my article about sobriety and all the great responses I have gotten, that it is all about where your head is . I mean what is your mind state, people can achieve based on thoughts and mind clarity . If your dedicated and vigilant you can accomplish almost anything.

I have stated this in many articles, especially when it comes to things such as  lifting , because mental focus is always the difference.

Now I wonder what that means when your head is not where it is suppose to be. This is in combination with “Sober Juicers” , because it hits the same area..

In general ( though it applies to weightlifting ) ” where your head is ” is not the position of your head on the pillow, or the way you rest it on the head rest on the head rest in the car. It is the way you see things and how you react to it, take the example of  Sunday night’s football game: I am a huge Chicago Bears fan, and watching the Giants ( who definitely are not better ) destroy our offensive line , made me an asshole . I bitched at my lovely girlfriend, even though she was just being supportive of me.

All of the above lead me to believe that it is also where your head is before you start a cycle.

This is setting the stage for the next 8-16 weeks, will you come out ripping and roaring or do you come out as a lamb . Can you control your temper or is your world a mess and will this hinder your gains.

 It goes Diet, Exercise, Rest and then what steroids you use.  So the way you diet , exercise , and rest will be profoundly effected by where your head is.

What is the point? More then anything , before you start a cycle or just in general make sure you get your head right before starting anything big like steroids, because it may effect you way more then you know.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] .

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