What This Really Means…A Wrap Up of This Week in Sports

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What This Really Means…A Wrap Up of This Week in Sports

So, I’ve always wanted to have “segments’ and now I have my chance.  This is one I actually thought through when the Lakers won Game 4 of the Finals because Dwight Howard missed every foul shot he was given and I said, even then “What this really means is this boy better win a title or his entire career will be summed up by all these missed Free Throws.”

Now I’m going to use What This Really Means (WTRM) to sum up the week in sports and especially week one of the NFL season.

I’m  12-3 for the season so far. WTRM…I’m kinda good at this picking stuff so far (and I’m probably headed for a meltdown soon!)

Denver needed a miracle tipped pass to win against the Bengals. WTRM…Denver sucks rpyally and only the lowly Bengals would have handed them that miracle on a silver platter (and screwed up my picks!)

Tom Brady is Tom Brady. WTRM…The AFC better look out (and I have no compelling reason to pick against the Patriots right now.)

Matt Cassell didn’t go for KC this weekend. WTRM…  The Chefs are SSSCCC  REEEWWWWED!  [and he ruined my haiku  (]

Mark Sanchez won his frist game as the Jets starter. WTRM…  Rex Ryan looks like a genius until Sanchez randomly plays like a rookie a few weeks from now.

Jay Cutler has a lousy game against Green Bay and the Bears still almost won. WTRM…  Defense wins championships, just not championships on this team (and Jay Cutler better get a boxing instructor soon.)

Jake Delhomme looks like crap. WTRM…I was right.  (and Carolina is your randomly sucky team in the NFC South this season.)

Donovan McNabb cracks a rib and the Eagles still win. WTRM…The Panthers suck, Donovan knows the cost of laying the way he does, Andy Reid is smart, Jeff Garcia is a sit-in for one game, and the Eagles are glad Mike Vick was only suspended two games.

The 49ers beat the Cardinals. WTRM…The Cardinals season is not over, but I have no idea what’s going on in San Fran…really…I have no idea (except that Mike Singletary ain’t playin’ around with them boys.)

Minnesota torunced Cleveland. WTRM…Cleveland sucks.  Sucks, sucks, suck.  Brett Favre is thanking Jesus for Adrian Peterson (and he’s still an old man) and Percy Harvin is happy to be along for the ride.

Indy barely beat Jacksonville. WTRM…indy worked out the kinks, Jacksonville ain’t half bad, and Peyton is throwing for 500 yds next week.


Michael Jordan acted like an olympic class jackass during his HOF speech. WTRM…Michael Jordan is an olympic class jackass.  (Oh, and Magic was better.)

The Eagles JUST activated Michael Vick so he can practice (I mean, I just read it on ESPNNews. WTRM…I was right when I predicted 5 minutes ago that Jeff Garcia is a sit-in for Mike Vick.

The NBA is prepared to lock out it’s referees if they can’t reach a contract settlement. WTRM…The NBA is “officially” announcing the referee lock-out since they called the games as if they were locked out all last season anyways.

Mike Hampton is going to miss all of the 2010 season. WTRM…  Mike Hampton is on of the greatest thieves of the 21st Century.

I’m picking College Football Games on Friday. WTRM… You’ve gotta wait until Friday to see how I’m picking.


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