What Steroid Myths May Come

I took on this blog because I felt like this was a great opportunity to bring some light to many dark myths about steroids.  I do realize that I will never be able to convince everyone that steroids aren’t nearly as bad as the Government tries to make them out to be.  It is like the commercials about weed, where they over-exaggerated  the side effects and they paint a false picture.  This is where we stand with steroids.  My favorite is the one about how recreational steroid use causes cancer.  This was a common belief for many years, yet there has never been a direct correlation between the two that has been indisputable.  Yes over use can cause prostate issues which may be a small factor in later cancer, but somehow the prostate issue is about the same percentage in non steroid using men.  I have heard of steroids being a contributing factor to a death but never the cause of death.  This can be a little deceiving I know, but it is fact not some made up propaganda.  The one thing I have learned through my long collegiate career is that any medical study can be manipulated to have almost any final outcome.  This done mainly by controlling certain statistics in their test subjects.  Such factors as age, race, and sex are just a few factors that are used to control an outcome.  If you know that African American men, between the age of 30 – 45 are the highest risk for heart disease, then make the majority of the study this group, add some steroids and there you have the result needed to place blame on the steroids, not the predisposition of this group of men.  Because of this I feel that the “Powers That Be” will always have the ammo they need to continue the ignorant ideals about sauce (aka steroids) that have been instilled in us since our youth.  I would really love to have the opportunity to debate these points with such opposition.  As a matter of fact if anyone that believes steroids are that toxic and dangerous, more so than any other drug please contact me and I would love to debate this with any person, but I say come with fact, not bullshit hearsay.

Because I will be packing a six shooter of fact with me.  Over time I will try to clarify myth from truth, and give an honest view of what steroids are capable of.  But in the mean time please stay open-minded to the thoughts I have placed before you.  Some steroids taken properly, and the appropriate blood work is done, are no more lethal then your average creatine, but that discussion is for another day.  Lets just enjoy the fact that a Democrat is coming into office ( sorry McCain) and things will start to change thereafter.  Good luck Obama, you will need it.

P.S. A good friend of mine gave me good advice a while back, if you need to have your check up for prostate issues, find a woman doctor.  Because woman, for the most part, have smaller fingers.  And if your Dr does a prostate examine with both hands on your shoulders , find a new doctor!

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