Well, I Thought I Would Vent

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Well, I Thought I Would Vent

SO I am a huge Chicago Bears fan, and last night was a F*ing mess last night.

How do you get 3 penalties on the final drive that would have won the game, 4th and 1 turns into 4th and 6, why because Pro Bowler Orlando Pace goes off sides, not to mention Olin Kreutz holding 2 plays earlier, it was so disgusting.  How about the first drive of the game, that touchdown couls have lead to the winning drive, instead of failed tying drive.

Talk about rage, I lost it after the game.

I love the bears and Atlanta is a really good team, but for the most part we out played again ( last year same thing, a field goal with six seconds, because the def. co. ,  goes to a prevent, so stupid ) and lost.

We have a rough schedule to go, and to be honest if Urlacher was not injured , we would have won last night.

4-2 ain’t bad, but we must win next week.

Any way I apologize that I am off topic today , but I had to vent.

Thanks for listening.

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