Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Steroids

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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Steroids

So your new to the world of steroids…. Or even if your not new to steroids , but new to the Online culture of the forums, blogs , etc. Well allow me to introduce you, My Name Is Dr. S and I Will Be Your Tour Guide.

Most come to the internet to find steroid sources, not to gather on a forum and act like they know everything, nope, so how does it become such? By the way , most that come looking for steroids and don’t land on a good forum , end up getting burned ( 90% of sources on the internet are bogus ).  Well it becomes that way because the lucky ones end of finding a forum , for no other reason than chance.

So they find a forum, and initially all they want is that, but then they realize that they know little about steroids, other than the inaccurate ideas passed to them by a fellow gym buddy ( please don’t listen to anyone at your gym unless they know that Test is the base of all cycles ) . So you stick around for a while, get some knowledge , and become part of a brotherhood, that can become messy at times, but you do make some good friends.  Now your entangled in the web , literally and figuratively , and this is where more issues come to play, once you get comfortable.

The other main way people get exposed to forums are blogs like mine,  they come looking for sources , I choose not to do so , so I refer them to good forums.

These are the people who are doing research on steroids, normally the smart ones, and come across my blog, AR’s blog , or Millard Baker’s blog.

Millard happen to have a forum attached to his site , so that makes things a little easier.

The purpose of this is to explain, don’t use a source off the internet , find a reputable forum or blog , get pointed in the right direction, and try to avoid contraversial people with large followings, they normally do more harm than good.  Be patient and be loyal , and listen to the real Vets…..

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