Top MMA Fighters Pick Fedor Emeliaenko as the Best Pound for Pound Fighter in the World

When guys like Kevin Randleman, Georges St. Pierre, Bas Rutten, Frank Mir and Tim Sylvia talk about Fedor Emelianenko it is with amazing respect.  These are fighters who know what they are talking about and the only thing they have to say about Fedor Emeliaenko is how bad ass he is and how there is no better MMA fighter in the world in any weight class.  Probably the only person who disputes this is Dana White, who obviously is doing it for business reasons.  If Fedor was contracted with the UFC, I guarantee Dana White would not be trying to discount Fedor’s title and record.   At the end of the day, it is very hard to deny what all of the other great MMA fighters are saying about Fedor.  Fedor is the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

Tim Sylvia:

“I’ve never been hit that hard before. The guy’s a stud, I don’t even think he’s human”

Kevin Randleman:

“The best fighter to ever climb in any arena is Emelianenko, Fedor. There is nobody better, he is the best fighter I have ever seen, fought, trained with, everything”

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