Tiger, Tiger, Tiger…(and My Week 16 NFL picks)

Somehow, Brett thinks he needs more control over the offense.

Brett Favre isn’t that poised…he just isn’t.If Brett wants to call his own game the Vikings will be losing on a Favre interception while it’s snowing outside the Metrodome.They will be.He needs to get over himself before he tanks this REALLY GOOD season that the Vikings have put together.But, if you look at it right, he’s almost done that even when he did win the Super Bowl.Almost every year it eventually becomes ABOUT Brett Favre instead of being about the team he’s on.He sunk the Packers (and they replaced him with Aaron Rodgers), the Jets (who replaced him with Mark Sanchez) and if they don’t win the Super Bowl this year the Vikes will be OVER IT.I guarantee you.They’d rather try again than put up with the crap he’s shelling out now.Favre is such a distraction that the Vikings might as well go ahead and concede their first playoff game because they may not even make it to the NFC Title Game. Get over yourself Brett….now.

They ain’t winning this one…not with the stinging hate that boils between these two teams.Chicago sucks and Lovie’s probably getting fired….sorry folks.)

CHI – 13

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