This “Uncapped” Offseason Is Bad News

We have officially entered the “uncapped” trade waters.  The winds of cash are blowing every which way in the NFL and some teams are about to get themselves into trouble.

I think I’ve got the 5 scenarios that illustrate why this can turn out really badly.  Not because people won’t get paid, but because it will lead to a lockout.

Yes, the “cash winds” are blowing, but they are blowing the owners right out of the water.  We could talk about the “action” but what we really need to talk about is how badly this can go–I know, I’m not exactly an optimist.

I don’t feel sorry for a bunch of rich-egomaniacs, but I do see harm being done to the league.  This COULD get out of hand and it’s all in the details.  Once again, the “action” might be interesting, but I’m much more concerned about the consequences.

What did Newton–Isaac, not Nate– say?  “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

The league is walking a pretty steep slope.  Even if the CBA is renegotiated this ONE season could throw everything out of whack.

Kampman LEAVES Green Bay

I almost called this “Kampman to Jacksonville”.  However, this is about Kampman LEAVING Green Bay than anything.

I had based every thought or prediction for 2010 on that Green Bay defense staying together.  ALL OF IT!  Raji, Hawk, and Kampman were a good crew.  Kampman followed the money and now things are getting wonky.

Without a piece of that defense returning how can I have full-confidence in the Packers?  They lost on a heartbreaker/fluke in the playoffs, but their defense got them there just as much as their offense.

Can they replace Kampman?  I don’t think so.  Someone can fill his slot, but they’d have to draft HIGH to get someone like him at his position.  So, they’ll probably overspend to replace him.

Aaron Kampman took the money—can’t blame him—and screwed my 2010 predictions for the whole NFC.

By the way, Jacksonville can’t sell tickets.  How long before they start hemorrhaging financially?

This Is Saving Lovie’s Job?

The Chicago Bears spent a TON of money on 3 guys who will not help them.

Brandon Manumaleuna is a blocking Tight End who got a long-term deal.  Last time I checked a BLOCKING TIGHT END doesn’t score.  Isn’t that the Bears’ problem?

Plus, we have experience with that in Atlanta.  The Falcons signed Eric Beverly to too much money and it did NOTHING.  This is a stupid idea.

Nevermind Chester Taylor.  I like him, but he’s old.  Sorry.

Notice how bad things got with Ced Benson?  I think that was a coaching relationship gone bad.  Bring in Chester Taylor and you can’t guarantee HE won’t get frustrated too.

Then they paid Julius Peppers a fortune to come to Chicago, but…

Did you notice how lonely Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch were this season?  They needed each other.  Can we assure Chicagoans that Peppers can do this by himself if he needs to?

The Bears are hoping for Reggie White 2.0, but there will never be another Reggie White.  He revamped a whole franchise.  You think a complainer like Peppers can do that?  Peppers doesn’t have it in him.

What happens when the cap comes back and they have to account for all this money; Especially Taylor and Manumaleuna?  What then?  Lovie’s probably going to get fired over this, AND the Bears will be in the hole for years to come.  Oops!

Eagles Pay Vick’s Roster Bonus

The Eagles are—supposedly—trying to get rid of Donovan McNabb and since this is an “uncapped” offseason they can afford to pay Mike Vick.

Some people might say they chose “depth” and I say they chose “we don’t know what the hell we’re doing with McNabb”.

I’ll bet you anything that someone in the Philly front office is willing to gamble on Mike Vick if they can get the team to release or trade McNabb.  What a stupid idea!

How hard would it be for the Eagles to just use Vick as trade bait for a desperate team?  How much smarter would it be to get MORE back for him?  And it would be cheaper too.

Mike Vick isn’t going to used half as much as he should in Philly and they’re hogging him because they don’t know what to do with McNabb.  It would be one thing if they were going to use him—but that ain’t happenin’.

This “uncapped” crap is making people spend money for no reason.  You can’t go all crazy just because the league can’t get it together.  If you’re Philly, this isn’t your chance to “go Daddy Warbucks”.

Once again—who will account for this money AFTER the cap is reinstated?

Tebow to workout for Seattle and Buffalo

The final piece of my equation involves a prospect.

Tim Tebow has been working his ass off in “parts unknown” with every “guru” you can imagine trying to get his mechanics right.

I like the guy, but I had written him off earlier in this process.  Then I saw video of him making very nice throws in a workout.  I’m not sure what to believe, but I know this:

If Tebow works out for the Seahawks and Bills and they even remotely like him they WILL draft him; given even this new workout video that might be enough.

The Seahawks go 6.  The Bills go 9.  Then the Seahawks go 14.  You mean to tell me that if they like this guy and take him in the TOP 15 that they won’t overpay him?

The Rookie Cap

Don’t’ you think that the owners are going to bitch up a storm over this?  Either the Bills or the Seahawks overpay a mid-1st Rounder and the sticking point WILL be the Rookie Cap.

Somebody is going to get honked off about this if I’m right.  The way Tebow looks now it’s only a matter of time before Pete Carroll’s or Chan Gailey’s ego kicks in and says, “I can make this kid a STAR!”.

The combination of coach-ego, owner-cash flow, and this “uncapped” mess is going to bankrupt a team, competitively destroy another couple teams for a decade, and piss of the owners.

Mark my words—this is the thing that will derail the CBA negotiations and—possibly—the 2011 regular season.  Let’s start telling the owners and players how nuts this is before it’s too late.

Personally, I like the “Rooney Rule”.  He came out and said the Steelers weren’t going crazy because of the uncapped offseason.  They may be the only solvent team left when this is over with.

I hope that isn’t the case: I want to have something to write about next season…

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