The New Book ” Generation S ” By Anthony Roberts

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The New Book ” Generation S ” By Anthony Roberts

I know it is still about 5 months or so until the release of his new book, but I feel it to be important to start discussing it now. The main questions were asked and here is what came of it.

1. We all know that putting out a book is a big accomplishment, but more so because the type of publisher that took you on this time, please explain.

AR- This book, Generation S, is being published outside of the steroid industry.

My first book was published by, my second was through, etc…so this is going to be a lot more mainstream.

Crossing over into the mainstream world, as a steroid author, is very difficult.

If you’re not a sports celebrity, not too many people in the mainstream publishing industry really care about what you have to say. So it was a bit of a fight to find a publisher who believed in me, and wants to publish what I have to say.

No steroid author has ever crossed over like this, other than maybe Bill Phillips (who wrote the Anabolic Reference Guide), but his bestseller (Body for Life) was about training and diet, not steroids, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that really nobody has done this, except for me, until now.

2. What is your book about?

My book is about everything that’s happened in an entire generation of steroid use and steroid users.

I’ve worked for every major steroid website, had a bunch of books published, designed nutritional supplements, and I approach the book from a very inside perspective – I’m friends with two of the guys who, at different times, could legitimately have claimed to be the biggest steroid dealers in the country.

3. Why do you feel this is different or unique in comparison to most AAS books now a days?

First of all, I don’t care if this book ends my career – if that means getting the truth out there.

I’m not a sports star naming names, and I’m not writing another useless “how to use steroids” book.

I’m revealing everything about how this (sub)culture and generation of steroid users has actually lived.

I talk about DEA agents who got pulled off meth cases to bust steroid dealers, I talk about the people who ran the biggest labs in the world, and the agents who busted them, I talk about Duchaine, Canseco, and the early AIDS doctors who first started prescribing steroids for their patients in the ’80s. It’s cultural, counterculture, pop-culture, and subculture all at the same time.

I have access to a lot of unique and so-called “secret” information that I’m going to put on the table.

Look at it this way: Imagine that we have the government, the three-letter-agencies, the users, the dealers, the labs, the sports heroes, and all of these people sitting around playing a game of 5 card stud with steroid information.

Nobody can see anybody else’s cards.

I’m going to turn that game from 5 card stud into a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. I’m flipping 5 cards up, for everyone to see. I’ll bet on myself every time when I know what I’m holding and can see 5 of your cards.

It’s not even gambling anymore.

4. What do you think is going to be the reaction of –

a) The average steroid user ?

The average steroid user will be reading the whole truth about the steroid industry for the first time.

It’ll be like leaving the Matrix for those people.

b) The so called steroid gurus ?

The so-called-gurus will have nothing to complain about.

I don’t make them look good or bad, I make them look like themselves – if they’re embarrassed, it’s because they embarrassed themselves.

c) The non steroid user ?

Non-Steroid users will be straight up shocked all around.

They’ll be shocked as what goes on in the underground, in the bodybuilding rags, the nutritional industry, and at some of the things their government and law enforcement officials have done.

5. What did you expect to accomplish by releasing this book?

To put the whole truth out there, for the first time, into the public consciousness.

To force the issue.

To hold people accountable, whether they are District Attorneys, Federal Agents, Steroid Dealers, or users, everyone is exposed in my book.

To infect people with a virus of truth.

6. If there was one thing that this book could do to public opinion , what would you want that to be?

People will make their own minds up and have their own opinions, and it would be wrong for me to try to really influence opinions like that.

I just want those opinions to be based in fact and not propaganda.

7. I have known you for a little while now and consider you a friend, there are a good amount of members of our society that dislike you , that don’t have any reason to do so, why do you think this is?

I’ll disagree there.

People don’t like me for a very good reason – I expose frauds, and there’s a lot of frauds in the steroid world.

Many of the people I’ve exposed, and will continue to expose, are the people who think they have a stranglehold on the industry.

They’re gravely mistaken, and we’ll see who is left standing, me or them, once my book comes out – but between you and me, I’m holding pocket aces.

Well I would like to thank Anthony Roberts for taking the time to inform us , and give us an early preview of his new book.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at [email protected] , Thank you.