The Metabolic Doc Part I

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The Metabolic Doc Part I

I had the honor of chatting with the Anabolic Doc, which I wanted to do since I frst read his column, and found out he was some what local.

I had heard chatter of this man , who was said to be a good guy and a very good Doctor.

The icing on the cake is the fact that he has a broad knowledge base of steroids.

The idea that a Doctor , a real Doctor ( MD ) that actually knew something about Anabolic Steroids , was unbelievable to me. This is something I have dreamed of for a long time, especially one that is open about it , and incorporates it into his own Practice.

This is the start , hopefully , of a movement, actually getting our brothers and sisters the proper and practical care they sometimes need.

This could mean no more statements like ,” I am sorry but steroids are bad and unless you come off of them I will not be able to help you” ( a true quote from a Doctor my friend saw ). e Hopefully others follow suit.

So who is Dr. Tom O’Connor ? Is he some meathead who was lucky enough to make it through Med-School ? Nope, he is a very enthusiastic , very competent gentleman.

with extraordinary genetics and a freakish build for a guy who works the hours he does.

So I had a list of questions ready for him, and I proceeded to call him , with all intentions of asking these set question, like a typical interview, and almost 2 hours later , I did not ask a single question on my pad , yet I had more info then I could imagine.

He started by giving a brief overview of his Practice, what he does.

He is an Internist, who has many normal patients,  and the other half is HRT and care of steroid users, through what he calls Concierge Medical Care.. This is a new movement to counter poor care because Medical Insurance is slowly destroying the basis of medical care and cutting but coverage , while increasing rates.

So if you want to call him because you believe he will prescribe you large doses of Test, won’t happen.

He only does legit HRT and cares for those who use recreational steroids, and some that use for a living.

This means while he may seem contraversal to most , he stays within h the laws and his own oath..

He proceeded to explain how all this came to be, at least the writing side of it , which lead to his current popularity.

 He bought a website for $3 , to post about his practice , and information like that.

After a little while he was approached by Steve Blackman , who said if you really are a Doctor, a Powerlifter , and capable of all the things you state on your web site , then I will make you famous.

So he started writing for Powerlifting USA, which he co-wrote at first , because he stated that he believes he is not an exception writer.

After a little while he started to pilot solo, which was then followed by his appearances on , and lead to his current status.

I will continue with my interview of him tomorrow, thank you for reading and enjoy your day. Please feel free to become my friend on Facebook , I am under Thomas Stevens.

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