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The Metabolic Doc II

I want to say , before I continue , that Dr. Tom O’Connor is quite a character, his energy and personality is the main reason for his success.

He has such a passion for lifting and lifters , that it comes out in an almost child like excitement.

I have to admit , speaking to him  almost made me feel like when I first starting helping people many years ago. Now on with the story of this man.

He said that in the beginning , he was not convinced of his own writing just yet , but the information he had was important and needed to get out. Now he has his own site , a place among the media of Muscle Development , one of the largest forums and magazines.

That is no small accomplishment by itself, but add in a full time practice , and the fact that he is a real “Meathead” . ( meaning he is as powerful as any ) . He lifts regularly and if you look at his Facebook, he can put up some good weight , at 5′8 and 200lbs, he can curls the 85 pound dumbbells for reps.

His bench press is over 400 lbs on the flat bench.

This guy makes me tired just writing about his over-achievements.

After a while I started to ask about how his practice , I was informed of many things I was unaware of , and some that I already knew.

He explained to me that he took his patients through Concierge Coverage, which is the coverage through a yearly retainer.

This is because the status of Health Care is the prices keep going up but the amount going to the physicians keep going down.

So you pay your yearly retainer , comparable to that of a monthly  fee for Medical Coverage and he is your Primary Care Physician.

He told me that he has patients all over the country , he sets up all the tests and blood work needed and he gives you care from Connecticut.

Now some may ask why would you want a Doctor who isn’t local , and I say because the average Doctor doesn’t know shit about anabolic steroids or how they effect your body , or even how to treat any real negative side effects.

So he orchestrates from his office and keeps you in good working shape .

The last part of the interview was just talking about general stuff like we were old friends.

We spoke of Greg Valentino , and how his reputation doesn’t reflect the great man he is. Spoke of Anthony Roberts and how much he helped me get off the ground.

We spoke of Llewelyn and how he is as smart as any as far as the science side of steroids.

We just spoke and next thing you know a few hours had gone by.

After just one conversation , I learned a lot , got to know him well and came to respect the man.  I want to pass on how important it is to have a physician that can monitor your health , going untracked is like climbing a mountain without a harness and rope.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected]

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