The Brett Favre Saga Has Made The Vikings Stronger

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The Brett Favre Saga Has Made The Vikings Stronger

Brett Favre and Brad Childress aren’t talking—at least that’s what they say.  I was thinking that if Childress and Favre’s marriage dissolved then the Vikings would open the floodgates at the Draft.  Mayhem would ensue as they scrambled to fix their QB issues.  Minnesota might even miss a pick while they were trying to make an “11th hour” deal.

Every team in the NFL would be looking to take advantage of a desperate Minnesota team to get draft picks and playmakers.  However, Brad Childress seems to be in control of the situation.  He’s been very matter-of-fact about his dealings with Brett.  He seems like he’s got it sorted.

I know, Brad Childress being in control is counterintuitive, but I think it’s working.  Instead of making this into a new “3-ring media circus” Brad has held back.  How does this NOT affect the draft?  How DOES it affect the draft?  How in the world did Brad Childress get some balls?

The Vikings Might Actually Have a Solid Draft

The Vikings have missed draft picks before.  I’ll never forget watching another team jump in front of them at the draft because they couldn’t get their pick in on time.  I also think that’s the last time that’ll happen.

Nowadays, with Childress keeping the “Favre-issue” at arm’s length it’s pretty easy to see that Minnesota can have a productive draft.  With Childress being “on top” of things they can draft confidently and without frenzy.

In fact, if they wanted to, they could draft some Quarterback—maybe even Tim Tebow—later in the Draft and still be fine.  As it stands they need a Cornerback and they’re prepared to take Devin McCourty.

If they take a good cornerback and snag Tebow in a later round they’ll be set for now AND the future.  Just imagine Tim Tebow taking over for Favre in 2 years.  That’s not a bad deal for a team that was tripping over itself to get Favre last offseason.

If McCourty isn’t there when the Vikings time comes then they’ll pick somebody else.  They’ll be in no rush to do something they don’t really want to do.  In fact, THEY may be the team that is handing out picks in trades to desperate teams because…

The Rest Of The League Won’t Be Able To Abuse Them

With Favre sitting in Mississippi doing whatever he likes AND with Childress not letting the story get out hand no one will be able to abuse the Vikings.  No one will be able to talk down to the Vikings or “talk them down” in an attempt to steer players their way.

In college football it’s called “negative recruiting”.  “You know, player X is a real jerk” is the kind of talk coaches use in the NCAA.  Teams in the NFL might try to leak rumors about Favre or use his indecision to sway the Vikings.  This time I think it’s different.

The Vikings were afraid last year that Favre wouldn’t come to them.  He finally did and now they know they have their “hooks” in him.  Brett left the Jets because Doofgini is an idiot.  Brad Childress isn’t stupid.

Favre wants to keep playing and WILL want to redeem himself.  He’s ended TWO NFC Title Games with interceptions in the last 3 years.  He had the best season of his career and he came up short.  Don’t you think he’ll want to try again?

You know what else?  His wife has encouraged him to keep playing.  That would be the thing that would stop me—my family.  However, his family says, “Go daddy, go!”.  If this continues then he could play til he’s 45.

Will Brett play until he’s 45?  Probably not.  Does the rest of the NFL know any better than Minnesota?  No.  The balance of the league can no longer use indecision at Quarterback against the Vikings.

Everyone could steer offensive players away.  They could implore offensive linemen to stay away.  Now—they have no choice but to admit that the Vikings need Brett Favre but don’t live or die by him.

If this saga has done anything it’s taught the Vikings to be a strong franchise–not the beggar on the street with a cup full of pencils.  They can leave that one to the Lions now.

But The Rest Of The League Still Has To Worry About Favre Coming Back

The problem for the rest of the league is that he might come back.  Most likely he’ll repeat the season he just had and they’ll have to deal with the fact that the Vikings are:

1.    Using Favre to their advantage
2.    Not being killed by his indecision
3.    Getting stronger in spite of Brett’s indecision

It’s not everyday that the league fears a 40-year old man, but every team in the league doesn’t want Brett to come back.  Even if players know that he will retire soon they’ll still go to Minnesota.  Why?

Players will flock to Minnesota because the Vikings are making money off Favre and he makes them look strong.  Favre is a PR jackpot until AND after he retires.  PR = More money for salaries.  More money = better players.

Brad Childress made the perfect play—as reported by Jason La Canfora on

He [did not rule out paying another visit to Favre at some point, “but not in the near future”].

He might as well have said, “I’ve got better things to do right now”.  Brett Favre no longer owns the NFL and we have Brad Childress to thank for this marvelous gift.

Well played Sir—well played.

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