The Art Of Working Out.

I spend a lot of time on political issues within the steroid world, and the compounds themselves.

But once in a while I focus on what is most important, training and diet.

I know why should I bother actually talking about what really matters, Right.

So I was reading an old issue of Men’s Fitness ( I think ) and i was reading an article about Dexter Jackson’s Bicep workout, a routine that is very similar to mine.

Yet my biceps aren’t even close, why is that?

I have used anabolic steroids, not saying he did but it is VERY likely.

So why am I not a exact replica? Well genetics plays a HUGE part.

I have to also state it takes an immense amount of dedication that most are not capable of. So my hat is off to this amazing freak of nature.

So the Bicep work out was 4 exercises , 4 sets each 10-12 reps.

My version is 4 exercises, 3 sets , 8-12 reps.

This is a very good maintaining , or leaning out regimen.

When I am trying to bulk my arms, I do 5 exercises , 2 sets , 6-8 reps.

I like to change my routine up every 8 weeks, and I like to change my intensity all the time.

I go from long rests to short rests all the time, I currently do 2 body parts a day and alot 60 minute to finish.

It allows me to get a great workout and I sweat like a beast.

The best advise I have is to try different workouts until you find what works for your specific goals.

All people are different and because such what works for one person might not work for everyone.

Trial and error is the only fail safe way to find the best possible work out.

Please remember steroids are not a short cut nor do they do the work for you, they do allow you to work out longer, but the work has to be done for results to appear.

There needs to be a base level of knowledge also.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or comments at [email protected] .

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