The Anabolic Reaction

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The Anabolic Reaction

What are steroids, and why do they make us grow? What works best with a cutting cycle? What work-out should I use during a bulker? Why am I not growing? Why did I stop gaining? Should I go up in mgs on my Test? Can I go past 12 weeks on my first cycle? How many days should I work-out?

I have to say I hear those questions daily, which is fine, I am always glad to help.

My problem is why aren’t people asking the correct questions.

The ones that would suit them much more, and create a knowledge base that would allow them to answer such themselves.

How about asking ” What book should I read to know what I am putting in my body”, or ” Where can I find a book to learn more about the appropriate diet”. Nope that would take time and effort, and most newbies are in for the quick fix and don’t want to put in the work.

Let me repeat this again, steroids DON’T under any circumstances build muscle , they allow you the ability to work harder , and lift more , but only if the effort is put in. If the effort is not put in , you will not gain like your are suppose to. Not a short cut but a means to be able to do so.

So today my anabolic reaction is to get a little aggravated and say get off your lazy ass and learn what is needed to hold your own, we don’t need to know everything but you do need to know when bad advice is headed your way, if nothing else it will protect your own health.

One life ladies and gents, do not take it lightly.

I offer every resource I have if your willing to learn and continue to learn, it is absurd to be consider a vet ( because of the number of cycles you have done) but know little about anything.

So my quick answer to most questions and I am right is diet.

Diet is the one thing our members lie about more than anything , even the amount of weight we put up. Everyone always states their diet is fine, or very good yet there gains aren’t . To be honest I have never seen a person use steroids, lift hard and keep a diet tight and not grow like a BEAST! It doesn’t happen, these drugs work on wasting diseases like AIDS / HIV, Cancer , etc. They put weight on people whose bodies have turned against them.

Think for a minute how powerful they must be. Most of them don’t stack, it is one compound.

We take it a step further, by stacking, and need to make sure we make the most of what we use. The only way we can do so is by implementing a correct diet.

Diet is what makes the anabolic reaction what it is suppose to be. Think about it, its like owning a Lamborghini and putting 87 rated gasoline, it will run poorly and its power will be compromised, same goes with us, on steroids we go from the capability of a Thunderbird , and become that Lamborghini.

We must change our fuel appropriately.

So why start with anabolic steroids when you need to start with a clean diet.

It is common-sense my friend.

Why do we always do the right thing lastly?

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