Thanksgiving, A Time To Give Back

I know that I can be as selfish and self centered as anyone, I feel the need to give thanks for all the things I take for granted.  It is the simple things that should mean the most, like a roof over our head and food on our table, most Americans take such thing for granted.  I am lucky enough to have those things plus much more and I am far from rich.  Steroids are a luxary in my world and should be that way in all worlds.

So when you have the chance, try to help where you can and give back, because that is the real spirit of the holidays.  Giving is much more rewarding in my opinion, so I will spend most of Wednesday and Thursday helping out at various Food Pantries, and Shelters.  Let someone with nothing know you care because you never know if it could be you in that seat next year.  I guess a gesture of Good Will even from members of the steroid community won’t go unnoticed.  And most of all, when you sit down to eat your feast please pray for those less fortunate, sick, and suffering.  Pray that they find the help they need, and get their life back.  I almost found myself where they are and it was an awakening of huge proportions.  So in a world filled with pain and suffering, show that we can make a difference with the smallest gestures, show Love to your fellow brothers and sisters.  As I wish the best for all people, and have a very nice Thanksgiving.

Dr. Steroids

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