Testosterone Propionate

testosterone propionate

Testosterone Propionate comes in 100 mgs. / cc. 10 cc. vials or 30 cc. Vials or better still the Dragon Pharma’s Propionat at 100 mgs. Per ml.


This is highly anabolic and androgenic and aromatizes easily like Anadrol. Users of this drug usually have big size and strength gains. It is moderately toxic to the liver. At higher doses all of the bad side effects are shown such as water retention, baldness, bitch tit, acne, aggressive behavior, etc. Active in your body for about 5 days at a time. Causes painful injection site.

Testosterone Propionate dosage is 200 to 500 mgs every 3 days.

Stacked as testosterone cypionate.

Testosterone Propionate Trade Names

Testex, Androlan, Androsan, Androtest P, Anertan, Bio-Testiculina, Enarmon, Homandren, Hormosteston, Nasdol, Neo-Hombreol, Orchisterone-P, Oreton, Orquisterone-P, Perandren, Propiokan, Recthormone Testosterone Sterandryl, Testaform, Testodet, Testodrin, Testogen, Testonique, Testo Prop, Testormol, Testoxyl Propionate, Testosid, Testoviron, Testrex, Tostrin, Uniteston.

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