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Masteron was originally used to medical purpose of treating breast cancer patients. This compound slows down the progress of cancer and controls the estrogen level of the patients. Masteron comes in two forms, Masteron propionate and Masteron enanthate, both exhibit the same effects.

This drug became known to the worlds of bodybuilding and athletics due to its ability to promote high quality of muscles.  Also, since it controls the production and actions of estrogen, water and fats are not likely to accumulate in the body. If there is no water or fats that get into the muscle tissues, these tissues tend to stick closer to the skin and gets tighter and lighter. This property allows the body to produce firm, solid and well-toned physique.

Since water and fats do not get stored in between the muscle fibers, compensatory mechanism such as high blood pressure, palpitations and atherosclerosis are also prevented. The latter is the condition where blood vessels develop cholesterol deposits on its the walls as results of fat stored in the body. In addition, Masteron does not lead to the development of gynecosmatia among males since it mitigates the estrogenic effects.

Being an androgen makes Masteron the cause of various side effects such as difficulty in sleeping, premature hair loss and high level of aggressiveness. Acne formation or worsening on the face, chest, back and upper arms is also one of the common side effects of its androgen-related effects. Women who are taking Masteron must be cautious because it can lead to the development of virilizing effects such as low and deep voice, and increased hair growth on the face and body or hirsutism. This anabolic steroid can also cause low production of testosterone that can lead to erectile dysfunction, impotence and low level of sexual drive.

Masteron comes in two forms so each is administered differently the other. Masteron propionate, for instance, is given every other day at a dose of 150 to 500 mg since it is easily metabolized by the liver. This is because it has shorter half-life compared to Masteron enanthate. On the other hand, Masteron enanthate is injected every two days at a dose of 400mg to 600mg because it has longer half-life. This form stays in the body longer, thus the effects are long-lasting.

Since Masteron is a controlled substance, you can only avail this drug from pharmacies if you can show a prescription coming from your physician. It means you can be legally penalized if you possess and use this drug without such prescription. Masteron is also banned in sports because of its claim to enhance performance. You can also purchase this from gyms and through the internet. Local gyms likewise sell anabolic steroids including Masteron but you need to be extra cautious so as to refrain from buying fake versions. Fortunately, it can now be ordered from online shops. This is the most convenient and the easiest method of buying Masteron since it is done discreetly in your homes and even without prescription.

Masteron Trade Names

Masteron 100, Masteron 200, Masteroxyl 100, Masteroxyl 200, Pharma Dro E 200, Pharma Dro P100, Mast E, Mast P

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