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Andriol comes in a capsule of 40 mg usually in lots of 60.

If its not in a dark glass bottle don’t get it. This stuff is sensitive to sunlight and that’s the reason for the dark coloured bottle. Very short acting with no aromitisation, well less than 2%, does not cause gynaecomastia.

Considered by many to be the safest anabolic steroid on the market, doesn’t inhibit testicular function at dosages of up to 320 mg per day.

testosterone undecanoate

Testosterone Undecanoate

Should be taken as even dosages spread out through the day. Andriol competes well for receptor sites, but to get any good gains from it you need to take it through the day and night to keep the dosage level up.

A good one for the ladies, but doses should be built up slowly.

Andriol has the ability to enhance glycogen retention and so is useful when taken in the run up to a show to assist in carbing up.

Andriol Trade Names

Testosterone Undecanoate, Androxon, Pantestone, Restandol, Restinsol, Undestor.

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