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Taking The Gloves Off

I have to say my main purpose is to help the average steroid user, complete there cycles safely and without scammers.

I even help certain people and then they threaten me because they think it should be like Amazon.com. And like I always say, I will back up my advice a 100% even if it costs me money.

I have to say I sometimes don’t completely lay into some people like I should.

Being a keyboard cowboy is not acceptable, acting bad from behind a screen is not bad ass. Lying about who you are on forums is also unacceptable, if you don’t want anyone to know your business then simply don’t put it out there.

But to get caught and continue the lies is even worse, admit what you did and move on. I personally respect anyone willing to admit such, and would gladly accept them back into our community with the promise it won’t happen again.

Next I held back on this for a while but I must unleash this, I have several friends that order Orgain from a certain board I use to be a MOD on, and quite a few came to me to get advise on where to have them tested, and these are close friends not forum friends, people I grew up with.

All of them came back underdosed, and some were very poorly combined.

Now how can you be looking out for the best interests of your board if your allowing this.

I know some bottles can show up like this from a good source ( UGL ) , and it just be a one time error, but that error has t be conversed about.

To hide , cover up and to ban people for such reason.

If anyone has an issue with what I am saying about this topic , I would be more then willing to provide the reports from the testing.

That is fact, not oh I know it is good, this statement is opinion, see the difference.

So it’s a shame when you start a board to get big and help and you end up selling your soul like all the rest, if you address the issue respect will follow, if you don’t , kiss goodbye your credibility.

Finally, I have seen several links to my blog with certain boards, where a member links my page and ask about Axio, and whether I am right.

Most get cut off quick or deleted , the ones that don’t , normally have several of Axio’s piss boys trying to discredit me, to no avail obviously.

The truth is I have seen 4 seperate reports showing well over the normal levels of water being found in  the sample, that is fact.

This doesn’t mean the roids won’t work, no you will still get gains, this doesn’t mean they are fake.

Nope, it means that the quality put into making such anabolics is not up to par, now if this has been fixed in the last few months, great less people that can get sick, but there is still the issue of the character of the owner, and thats the second biggest reason I WILL NEVER USE AXIO AGAIn.

I am still angry I ever used Axio.

Commonsense goes a long way, and please use some when judging an issue or topic, or even when giving advice.

The issue is we our among a black market / underground community, which means ther is no governing body to protect us. That leaves an open arena for scammers, scumbags , and people who are full of shit to roam free.

The LE is against us all and will not approach this based on good source / bad source, so it is upto the few who care more about the community then their own pockets.  And for this reason most of the honest people are the most hated, mainly because the unsavory  crowd are against honesty, because it is bad for business.

Think about it and let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading, and please contact me with comments about this post at [email protected] I would also like to announce that Uncle Z will now be part of my page, I am glad that such a seasoned veteran would have a banner on my blog , so welcome to him.


  1. DrS says:

    No I have not backed away I have ignored it completely, you can see it when I publish them, you have no clue so I refuse to indulge you. The reports are way over your head and you don’t even have a clue on active hormone let alone what the stats mean. Your a joke and I can’t take you seriously. If you can get some kind of base knowledge on the topic I am more then happy to send it your way…….

  2. G1972 says:

    Quote from your blog post “If anyone has an issue with what I am saying about this topic , I would be more then willing to provide the reports from the testing.”

    I have taken issue and you have backed away from the request. Enough said.

  3. DrS says:

    You really think because you demand it , i will run and do it… hahahahahahaha. I have 3 other paople ask me nicely and all of them have seen copies. But to even both wasting my time sending it to you when you can’t even grasp a simple concept about what water can do in the compounds. I am besides myself with your ignorance.

  4. G1972 says:

    Still awaiting those lab test results or fabrications there of.

    sir. Because I am an uneducated douchebag Thank you.

  5. DrS says:

    Well firs off let me state that the reason I refuse to even respond is you clearly have no clue what you are speaking of, water based steroids are combined with certain products that keep it sterile, I would go further into explanation but it is not worth it because you certainly have no clue of what you speak of. No , I am not self absorbed, I just happen to know what I know, and thats not everything but it is enough. The fact that you use steroids and know nothing is exactly what is wrong with this community, your the type to give advice to others yet have no real knowledge, which is dangerous. Please just refrain from reading my blog until you get a clue, if you decide to read up and learn , please feel free to contact me to have a educated debate. As for your tough guy routine, I grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in my state, I am no punk, and no I don’t get to go down to the Arnolds but if you ever in CT please contact me , I have $1000, that you won’t even come to my neighborhood, not a nice place but it is near the University I work for and grew up. Moron !!!

    And who would these scammers be? I find it so funny that people actually still throw out names of companies that are owned by ex-axio employees. funny.

  6. chrisg says:

    Not that I’m a proponent of axio, but why is it that yourr connected to many well known and verified scammers??

  7. Steven says:

    Axio is really crap!
    you Drs is 100% right.

  8. chrisg says:

    Hmm… Interesting.. Axio provides “lab results” as well.. I’m interested to see what MFG’s you DO stand behind

  9. G1972 says:

    DrS is a self absorbed asshole that has nothing to offer the community except pushing people in directions that line his pocket with $$$$$. The percentage of water to be harmful is so small? Holy shit everyone that has ever used a water based injectible is gonna DIE!!!!!! There are a million reasons those vials could have had small amounts of water in them. If it was as small as you claim it was likely condensation from the vial sterilization process. You are a self absorbed prick who thinks he knows more about this industry then he does. Fuck off keyboard commando. I’ll be at Arnold 2010 (8 years running) care to meet me face to face to restate that ‘little girl’ comment? Didn’t think so bitch.

    I’ll be patiently awaiting your fabrication of test results so you can post them as evidence. If you had them why not post them to begin with? Things that make your credibility seem questionable….

  10. DrS says:

    Wow I was all ready to reply with fact and information until I read this response and I quote”I believe water in the oil based steroid samples indicates poor manufacturing procedures. But it’s not going to kill you for god’s sake.” Yes it does mean poor Manufacturing, and no most of the time it won’t kill you, but can make you very sick, very sick, when you inject anything you have to make sure it is sterile, and if it was poorly manufactured, the sterility is most likely compromised. So please get a clue , I was ready to hit with medical jargon and such and instead I have to hit you with common sense. P.S. I do believe I read something a while back by Mr. Llewelyn criticized the exact same point I am currently, and well then proving me wrong, would also prove BOS wrong. and the results I plan on posting just not at your request , I have a few other name brands I have to finish, but to say you can not get any labs done inside the US, well they are wrong. No need to prove something many many people already know. Finally my mislead friend , there is very little CREDIBILTY within our community, and the ones to claim they are most credible are the least. We spend a lot of time within a community where the majority of it are comprised of scumbags and scammers. So listen closely, because I realize your a lil slow, most who do this and gain money from there own interests, care more about that money then you. I make nothing from this , I do it for love of the game, so the truth is all that matters. I didn’t go searching for any of these products to test MY READERS who fealt scammed came to me. So wake up little girl and see what is really going on around you.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, oil and water don’t mix huh? the percentage for it to be harmful is so small that to the human eye it wouldn’t be noticeable to such an extent. You amaze me how such an uneducated individual could contest me and my statements, why don’t you send that vet from your board to come see me so I can at least have an educated debate. Thank you for your interest in my blogs and my responses, have a great day.

  11. G1972 says:

    I’ve tried several of the source in questions ancillaries and found them all to be on spot. I have enough gear for several cycles, so I haven’t purchased any of his oil products as of yet. The orgain products I have tried have all been what they are advertised to be and perform as one would expect. Water in steroid samples first shouldn’t require any lab testing to verify. This should be clearly visible as water and oil doesn’t mix. I’ve received some axio products in the past with this problem and the problem was apparent as soon as I saw the vials. I am a member of the board you used to mod on. And there was more reason to your leaving then you you claim there to have been.

    The only place to get samples such as these tested is in europe. I’ve talked to someone at BOS and they agree to to get some samples tested if I fund the testing. Your credibility is as risk, because BOS’s opinion will carry far more weight then your own, and I suspect based on testing your ‘results’ are nonexistant. You can’t make a claim like you’ve had labs done and then not post results. Even if you black out the lab name etc. Posting nothing but the words of some obscure blogger that nobody knows or cares about means virtually nothing to most.

    BTW – your suggestion that something is horribly wrong in steroids with high water content. I’d like you to explain why that would be the case as I have used test base, winny, and tren base all based in water with virtually no problems.

    I believe water in the oil based steroid samples indicates poor manufacturing procedures. But it’s not going to kill you for god’s sake. I know people that mix water based winny with oil based gear to reduce pain associated of injectible winny.

  12. DrS says:

    Well I will respond to your question as if it was not ignorant, if I told you where this was tested ( as you are right , very few labs are willing to test such) I would ruin another lab. Just because you don’t know any , doesn’t mean it there isn’t a place. Your not all knowing ( neither am I ) , so please realize that with my field of work ( clearly written on my blog info ) it is easy for me to find the needed resources. As for the vendetta , you are a 100 % right, I used Axio for a year or so, and later found out that several people had Axio vials tested and the amount of water found was way above normal. ( and if you know so much please explain why higher amounts of water in a vial of roids is bad, and if you can’t answer that you have no basis to come at me! ) So my vendetta is that I actually put myself in harms way by using there products, and this is why I hate that brand name , no one has the right to endanger my health for there own monetary gains……. And if you haven’t used there gear as you claim , why are you so certain of their product??? you are either confused or another one of BW’s piss boys.. Have a great day…. Dr. S

    P.S. My Home board happens to be an upstanding forum that does charge a small fee, and saves people 100 times that by giving legit sources. And like most others, the sponsors don’t run the forum the people do…

  13. G1972 says:

    I’d love to hear where you had these tested as there are virtually no labs that are willing to touch underground gear anymore. I think someone has a vendetta. I haven’t tried the gear, but I doubt you have had it tested. You seem to have a personal interest in one of your ‘home boards’ as you call it. One that generates a shit load of money taking unsuspecting fools for huge membership fees.


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