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Sweat Vests

Boxers wear sweat vests or even full body suits to lose water weight for their weigh in before a fight, but are they beneficial for you or me? If you do not mind sweating a great amount, sweat vests are useful. Remember, it is water lost not fat, although the body does heat up a great amount so a substantial calorie burn encounters the body.

When the pores are open, the body acts like a sponge, can absorb toxins and also release them through the lymph glands. Whether specialized suits are purchased, sweatz vest, or simple plastic or bin liners are used, they all have the same effect on the body by helping it to heat. Sauna’s work in the same way.

The human body is a marvel. The heart strengthens when the body undertakes cardiovascular exercise, blood pressure drops, and when the body heats up, it also sends a message to the brain to start to cool it through perspiration. It is a natural bodily process.

Wearing a sweat vest  when training can give a multitude of benefits to the body:

  • Causes the body to heat up rapidly;
  • The body perspires quickly, ridding the body of toxins, metallic components, and water;
  • The body will also burn calories from the increase in bodily heat;
  • Sauna’s have been proven to strengthen the immune system. I can only think the same when the body suffers the extreme heat while undertaking training of any sort;
  • Forces the body to become more conditioned during high temperatures by expelling toxins through perspiration.

Many people may not feel comfortable sweating profusely by wearing a suit or sweat vest but they can help the body to work much more efficiently. A person who sweats quickly during their workout is very well conditioned and extremely fit. The body may also sweat during stress and anxiety, which is why very unfit people show signs of perspiration, but in fit people, the faster they sweat, the more efficient the body by cooling itself.

Wearing a sweat vest does not mean you should scrimp on a workout or lessen its intensity. Keep at the same pace although it will be tough. What you will require though is a lot of fluid. Try to drink half a litre of fluid before and after every workout, especially while wearing a sweat vest. Also drink throughout the workout.

Sweating is extremely beneficial for the body and has a lot of health benefits as listed above. A fit person will lose on average 1-2 litres of sweat per workout. This may be more during an incredibly long session or less during a short session. Adding a sweat vest will half the time and increase perspiration greatly. Ensure to drink plenty of fluid before, during, and after a workout to be on the safe side. The body is made up of 60% of water and is essential for the body and mind to function normally.

Weight loss will show on the scales almost immediately after extreme water loss in the body, but the body should not be starved of water. Ever! When water is consumed, the body returns to a normal weight. Perspiration takes place in the body every day. Viruses are expelled, toxins, and excess vitamins and minerals not required by the body through natural perspiration. Metals and excess copper may cause imbalances in the body and why is efficient to exercise to rid the body of toxins. Sweat vests help to speed up the process.

Perhaps try out a workout wearing a sweat vest once a week to strengthen the body and improve its functioning.

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