Surviving the Holiday Party Circuit

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Surviving the Holiday Party Circuit

Most of us know how to manage the occasional temptation, but what do you do when you’re constantly barraged with junk food, alcohol, too little sleep, and too much partying?

Fitness is important to you, otherwise you wouldn’t be here on SteroidsLive. That doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t know how to have a good time! Some of the fittest people I know are also the most fun because they know what their priorities are and they balance them well. I’ve got some suggestions for you based on how you want to handle this season.

Want to be firm with yourself and stick to your program? I’ve got some great ideas for you. Want to relax a bit and give yourself some room? Wonderful, we’ll keep it moderate. Want to go whole hog, paying the piper after the new year? Be sure to come back in early 2011 for some help getting back on the horse.

I’m Sticking to It

You know what you want, you’ve got a goal, and you’re holding fast to it. As a bit of a dichotomous thinker myself, I know you. You’ve probably got a list of goals, whether they are about losing weight, firming up, or bulking your frame. You supplement your lists with charts full of measurements, timelines, and daily schedules.

I love your knack for organizing, for thinking about your goals and making them happen. You start on paper, but you walk it out every day. When it comes to holiday parties, this trait will serve you well.

First, pitch in. If you’re heading to a holiday fete, bring something you know you can eat. A personal favorite is a tray of cut veggies with a container of hummus (either homemade or store bought). It’s quick, easy, relatively cheap, and can keep you away from the cheese ball.

Second, dress for success. If you wear something that’s more form fitting, you won’t want your pooch hanging out if you over-indulge. No one want to be uncomfortable in social situations, and when your feel sick from overeating and a binding waistband, you’re just not at your best.

Third, plan ahead. I have no problem with banking calories for a party. Focusing on getting in all the fruits, vegetables, and fiber you need for the day before party time is a great way to keep your holiday party schedule from wreaking havoc on your figure.

Fourth, be merry. With sparkling water, that is. Not only does alcohol have lots of calories, it also lowers your inhibitions. After a few drinks, you may throw caution to the wind and decide to have more food than you’d planned.

Fifth, arrive fashionably late. If you skip the first part of the party, the heavy eating is often over. People tend to graze from the moment they walk in until the time they leave. By arriving late, the junkiest stuff may have already been eaten. Plus, the focus will likely have shifted from eating to mingling.

Finally, remember the purpose of a party. Are you there to eat, or to have a good time and enjoy the company of your friends, family, or co-workers? I love food as much as the next girl (probably more, if I’m being honest), but I love my friends more. Enjoy the people you don’t get to see as often as you’d like, and relegate the over-indulging to the back burner. After all, hanging out with loved ones is treat enough!

I’m Middle of the Road

When you’re interested in staying fit but are more focused on enjoying yourself than dropping pounds, it’s a little easier to navigate the party scene with your goals intact. You’re probably more go-with-the-flow in most aspects of your life, so it stands to reason that you’d be more flexible when it comes to staying in shape during the holidays.

I love that you’re the life of the party. You go to parties to mingle first, and the food is just a delicious distraction. Either way, you know how to enjoy all aspects of your life, and that makes you a great guest.

First, remember to eat in moderation. That doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself, it just means to make your party fare look like a microcosm of your everyday eating. Choose some of the healthier options, indulge in a couple of your favorites, and then stop eating.

If you choose to have alcohol, go for lower calorie drinks. Mixed drinks are higher on the calorie spectrum than shots. When in doubt (or if your tolerance is low), a single glass of wine is a good choice.

Where there’s music, take advantage of it and dance! You’re a leader, and people will probably follow your lead. Dancing burns calories and makes for a good time, what’s not to love?

Get out of the kitchen (or wherever they’re serving the food). You’re probably chatting with everyone at the party, and that means they’ve all come to where you are. If you’re in the kitchen, everyone is more likely to nibble indiscriminately. If you move into a sitting area, you can focus on your conversation instead of the eats.

Be sure to keep exercising. No matter how much you end up eating (or drinking) at a party, you’ll feel better when you get back to your fitness routine. I know that when I take a few days off, I start to feel slovenly. No one wants to feel that way during the holidays or any other time!

I’m Ready for the Parties

Whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds or maintain your figure, holiday parties can throw a wrench into your plans. Use these tips to keep yourself on track so you can start 2011 in a good place. After all, the holidays come but once a year, and you don’t want them to derail all of 2010′s hard work.

Holiday parties are a great way to catch up with people you wish you could see more often, so remember to put them in their proper place. Parties are for celebrating and for spending time with your loves ones, so be sure to remember the reason you’re there. Most of all, enjoy yourself and the season!

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