Strong Legs Help Prevent Knee Arthritis

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Strong Legs Help Prevent Knee Arthritis

strong legsOsteoarthritis is characterized by pain in joints which eventually destroys cartilages, and leads to malfunctioning absorption, protection, and lubrication. Cartilages cover and protect bone heads in large joints, such as knees. Many bodybuilders develop knee arthritis as they age. Scientists at Mayo Clinic conducted a 30-month study and noticed that strong and well-developed leg muscles help prevent knee pains and arthritis.

People with large and well developed hip muscles were noticed to have lower occurrences of arthritis. Weak muscles tend to lead to instability in joints and wrong movement of the knee-cap (patella), which in turn places higher pressure on the cartilages and causes knee pain and arthritis.

In addition, extreme number of athletes tend to go for too heavy weights while trying out new exercise and thus start cheating while at it. In this case they miss the opportunity to develop strong muscles, which would have helped them squat with heavier weights without hurting their knees.

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