Steroids On TV Aren’t Based In Reality

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Steroids On TV Aren’t Based In Reality

So I was sitting on my butt all day, which rarely happens, but it happens. And as I flickered in and out of consciousness, i awoke to a new episode of “CSI”. I’m a fan of the original, so I sat up in bed to watch what I found to be an interesting show. To be short with the details, there were fake FBI agents involved, and a cage fighter who was taking steroids ( of course). Believe it or not, there were complications (never have I seen a show where someone was taking steroids and nothing terrible happened to such a character), because God forbid that they don’t use every possible chance to make steroids the plague of all civilization. Now how in anyway does that reflect reality? Well, it doesn’t, but in these shows the bad guys always get caught, and the good guys always have a catchy line when they arrest the villain.

So this steroid using brute has an infection, because of improper use of clean needles, that caused part of his bicep to fall off during an attack on a fake Federal Agent. If this was a likely possibility, there would be biceps scatter throughout football fields , from here to California. So while I do believe that an infection could possibly do such damage, I just don’t know why writers feel the need to attach such horrible, uncommon issues to steroids. The stigma attached has become an impenetrable force, with most that lead the way against us, actually have no clue about basic anabolics. They don’t know a DHT from a Test Derived steroid, but they feel fully qualified to bash steroids, and the writers who back any such idea.

All I want is a fair chance to prove that steroids aren’t bad if used properly, yet with such biased situations thrown around frivelously, it can never be a level playing field. Like my new friend Chloe of “Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise” Blog, who decided to bash me, then decided to not allow me to defend my standpoint. She is the epitome of what the average everyday anti-steroid person is, biased because society told them to be, uneducated on the topic itself, and believes they are right because one Public Health Study partially backs their point. Now by no means is she a bad person, just naive to think that because she reads an article on steroids in a Publich Health Study, she is now qualified to critisize an entire sub-culture. For the record, if you do comment on my site Chloe I will post it, I actually respect peoples right to defend their view, so I will be waiting.

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